Photos: Friendly Bites at Samurai Express in Back Bay

Photos by Christy Jian

This is my go-to place for lunch at work. It can be busy at lunch hours on weekdays. The atmosphere of the place was calm for a later afternoon snack-meal yesterday. I enjoyed the soft rock songs on a Pandora playlist displayed on a screen.

The sushi is made fresh, with a diameter of about 1-1.5 inches each. You can ordered a lunch time special (2 rolls + salad or soup) for $9-10. My salad came immediately. The dressing was rather delightful. I think it was a mango dressing.

I ordered a salmon skin roll and an unagi (teriyaki eel) roll. They were both pretty good. The salmon skin roll was a lot crunchier than I’m used to and the avocado in the unagi roll melted in my mouth like mayonnaise. When you go to pay I walked up because I was in a rush. There are delicious little guava candies. They’re DELICIOUS!
The service was quick. The staff was polite and welcoming. The manager Andy told me that many Marathon runners stop by every April.
The address of Samurai Express is: 31 St James Ave, Boston, MA 02116, close to Arlington Green Line station. You can place order by calling 617-431-2282, or order online: