Prof. Guoping Zhang Deliveres Keynote Speech at Global Corporate Governance Symposium in Harvard University

By Wendy Wang, contributing reporter for

Cambridge, Mass., May 6, 2015, — Global Corporate Governance Forum:Finance Risk and Social Governance was held at Science Center, Harvard University on April 26, 2015. This is the symposium and seminar on the theme of corporate governance hosted and supported by CACG (China Association for Corporate Governance). Professor Guoping Zhang, CEO of China Association for Corporate Governance (CACG), Wertheim Fellow and visiting scholar at Harvard University and NBER, served as chairman of the Global Corporate Governance Symposium and delivered a keynote speech.
1.President of Global Corporate Governance-CACG
President of Global Corporate Governance Forum-Guoping Zhang-CACG (photos by Wendy Wang and Cynthia Kim).

This forum aims to promote substantive cooperation on research and business practice innovation and build a platform for international cooperation to create and found a further Global Corporate Governance Organization. The symposium invited financial institutions presidents and top management from New York and Washington, the professors, experts and leaders in corporate governance, financial sector, medical organizations and other innovative NGO as guest speaks. The participants cover the students and scholars from Department of Economics at Harvard University, Harvard Law School, Harvard Medical School, MIT, Washington University, Columbia University and other famous universities, also include entrepreneurs from China and America.

The symposium promotes and explores the bi-trend of microscopic behavior and social governance for Global Corporate Governance from a macro perspective of business and financial organizations, leading the forefront of research and current practice. The main discussion topics include “Listed Corporations and NGO Governance”, “Corporate Governance and Social Governance”, “Industries’ Corporate Governance: Financial Institutions, Healthcare Organizations, Social Funding Agencies, Technology Start-ups and NGOs “, which reflect the New Normal of Social Governance for commercial organizations. The guest speakers and the audiences focus on the several issues to discuss on market and non-profit organization governance, such as International Investment and Financial Risk Management, China Corporate Governance Evaluation and Globalization, Risk Management Model of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Recent Development of Sino-US Financial Markets, Risk Control and Management for Financial Institutions and Multinational Groups, and also involving healthcare organizations governance, telemedicine, clinical informatics.

Prof. Guoping Zhang made a keynote speech entitled “Globalization of China Corporate Governance: Bidirectional Trend of Micro Decision-Making and Social Governance”. Prof. Guoping Zhang also serves as Executive Director of CCTV-NANKAI Co-Innovation Institute for Corporate Governance. She proposed the bidirectional trend in corporate governance based on the US financial crisis, Dodd-Frank Act implementation and research result and practical experience on corporate governance in China. She reports the research and practice results on multidimensional information from “Corporate Governance: Bidirectional Trend of Micro Decision-Making and Social Governance”, “Chinese Corporate Governance Evaluation and Governance Risk of Listed Corporation Overseas”, “Governance Risk and Micro Behavioral Decision: Brain and Neurocognitive”, “Social Governance: Environmental Economy, Health Organizations and Foundations”, “Global Corporate Governance”.

Rongwen Wu, the former senior director from Freddie Mac, gives a report about Asset-Liability Management Mode for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac based on three Key elements of ALM, FTP and Capital Allocation. Liang Tang, associate professor in finance and China Project Director at Mount Ida College, shows a Comparative Look for U.S. and China Financial Markets from IPO and delisting system, the regulatory model and cyclical market, and also reports on corporate governance and A,H shares premium. Yisong Chen, President of Pallas Global Capital LLC, gives a speech about Post Crisis Regulation. He analyzes the causes and development of the financial crisis and also introduces Dodd–Frank Act from regulatory oversight and jurisdiction, operational and technology Impacts on OTC derivatives, and terms of proprietary trading from permitted proprietary trading, Permitted Hedging Activities and Permitted Market-Making Activities.
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The symposium also involved in research and practice sharing in other organization governance, including social foundation community and the medical and healthcare organization. Professor Charles Safran, Chief of DCI from BIDMC at Harvard Medical School, shares about Clinical Informatics from healthcare ecosystem, electronic health records, big data, decision support and clinical information systems. Clinical informaticians are at the intersection of clinical processes and business processes and communication & information technology. Clinical informatics applies concepts, methods and tools that enable the optimal use of information and knowledge to measurably improve patient care. Clinical informaticians transform health care by analyzing, designing, implementing, and evaluating information and communication systems. Amy Zhou, President of Young Zen Foundation and former executive chairman of One Foundation, shares about Core value system, operating system and sustainable development capital and operating mode of the project and plan, which is BABY GYM OF COMMUNITY of Prepare For Future Foundation. Social Franchise Model and community interaction will become the sustainable development model for social communities and other NGO like Prepare For Future Foundation.