Singtao Daily Honored by NACA

By Xinming Li,

Cambridge, Mass., — Awards were handed out at the new year concert of North American Chorus Association (NACA). About 700 music fans attended the concert at Harvard’s Sanders Theatre. Singtao Daily, one of the largest daily Chinese newspapers in the world, was honored at the concert for its detailed reporting of the grand Yellow River Cantata concert last year.
Conductor Wanjun Qiao at the concert(photo by Xinming Li).

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of victory of anti-Japanese war, Yellow River Cantata returned to stages in the North America during 2015. On Oct. 11, 2015, a thousand singers from across North America performed on stage at Boston University the renowned Chinese classical music, Yellow River Cantata. It was one of the largest music performances by a Chinese American art group. Over 5,000 in the audience gave thunderous enjoyed the historical performance.

The parent company of the Sing Tao Daily, the Sing Tao Newspaper Group Limited, was founded in 1938 and is based in Hong Kong. The Sing Tao Daily was first published in 1938. It has one of the longest publishing histories among the Chinese newspapers in the world.
After establishing its overseas base office in New York City in 1965, the Sing Tao set up International News Centers in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, London, and Sydney. In all, the company now has 22 offices globally.

Founded in May 2007 in Boston, NACA is a non-profit, artistic and musical association. Its mission is to foster culture exchange and collaboration among choruses, musical associations, vocal and instrumental musical artists, and other related artistic groups and individuals throughout North America. Please check out more pictures from the concert by photographer John Tsou below.