Boston’s Sister City Hangzhou to Host 2016 G20 in September

By Xinming Li,

Boston, April 2, 2016, — China will host the 2016 Group of Twenty (G20) summit in the eastern city of Hangzhou, President Xi Jinping announced during the 2015 G20 summit held in Turkey. Hangzhou is the only Chinese sister city of Boston, and is known for its beautiful West Lake.
Lexington High School students’ visit to Hangzhou in April 2015.

The Hangzhou summit, to be held on September 4-5, will be themed “Building an innovative, invigorated, interconnected and inclusive world economy,” Xi said in Turkey.

The China meet will focus on innovating growth patterns, improving global economic and financial governance, boosting international trade and investment, and promoting inclusive and interconnected development, Xi told the world leaders.
The Logo for the 2016 G20 Summit(pictured above) incorporates a stylized bridge consisting of 20 layered lines, symbolizing the 20 members of the Group, the pattern of “G20 2016 CHINA” and a seal with the characters “中国” (“China”) in simplified Chinese font. The bridge signifies that the G20 is a bridge for global economic growth, international cooperation and a win-win future. The layered lines are reminiscent of fiber-optic cables, representing an inter-connected world in the information age. The letter “O” highlighted in the image of “G20” embodies unity and coordination among G20 members. The seal is a representation of traditional Chinese culture and matches the English word “CHINA”.