Dragon’s Teeth and Initial Campaign to be Previewed on June 5

Boston, May 31, 2016, — Boston Bilingual Media & Publishing (BBMP) Inc. will hold a book preview party at Empire Garden restaurant in Chinatown at noon time on June 5.

Two books will be previewed at the party. The first one is the biography of WWII veteran Arthur Wong: Dragon’s Teeth – Arthur Wong’s Journey from Taishan to Normandy. Author David Li interviewed Mr. Wong for over 50 times while writing this book. Mr. Wong who turned 92 in March this year will attend the book preview party. The other author of the book is Changhong Zhang, a graduate student at Emerson College.

Arthur Wong immigrated to Boston in 1938, and was among the first groups of American soldiers who landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944. He was later seriously injured in November 1944 when the Allied Forces advanced into Germany. Sixty-four years after he returned from WWII battlegrounds, Mr. Wong finally received nine U.S. military medals, including Purple Heart and Bronze Star, with the help from Senator John Kerry in 2009.

The other book to be previewed is Initial Campaign: An Earlier Version of Blitzkrieg at Nankou in North China. This English-Chinese bilingual booklet is on the subject of the first major battle between China and Japan in Nankou, China after the Marco Polo Bridge incident on July 7, 1937.
Author Eric St. is a young scholar focusing on China’s WWII history. He got his Bachelor’s degree in Art Conservation at Peking University in 2012 and his Master’s degree of Science in Historic Preservation at Roger Williams University in 2015, spending his spare time on collecting the sources and doing independent research on the history of China’s WWII. His work also includes the preservation and interpretation of the WWII battlefields in China. This booklet is the first work he has accomplished for introducing the obscured Nankou (Nankow) Campaign to the world in both Chinese and English languages.

About Boston Bilingual Media & Publishing Inc.

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