Videos of President Yuxiang Min’s Speech and Performances at Voice of Anhui Musical Evening

(Mr. Yuxiang Min delivered this speech at Voice of Anhui Musical Evening, with Tiffany Chan as the translator.)

Dear Leaders, Country fellows, Compatriots, Ladies and Gentlemen : Good Evening!

During Thanksgiving Holidays, American Anhui Provincials Association is holding the ” Voice of Anhui Musical Evening” here. You are warmly Welcome to watch! We are Looking forward to bringing you a musical feast! Everyone shall have a nice evening!

Below, please allow me to introduce a little bit about American Anhui Provincials Association .

American Anhui Provincials Association was registered on March 1, 2019; the founding meeting was held on November 23, 2019. The general election was held on October 1, 2020. On July 17, 2021, the second anniversary celebration was held at Grand Royal Baquet-Junhao Grand Restaurant.

At present, the main leading members of about American Anhui Provincials Association are as follows:

Honorary President: Fan, Guangling
Honorary Secretary-General: Shen, Nianci
Honorary Chairman: Fang; Shujiu;
Chairman: Liu Yuancheng
President/Founding Registered Legal person/President: Min , Yuxiang
Executive Vice Presidents: Wang, Shuyong; Yang, Xiangdong
Vice Presidents: Zhu, Qichao; Li, Ping; Wang, Zaozao; He, Jinhai and Mao, Yongxin
Secretary-General: Zhao, Xiaofeng;
Assistant President: Zhang, Xiaoyu
Deputy Secretaries-General: Duan Enming, Lu Dan
Vice Chairman: Wang, Xiaoling
Head of the cultural and art Department: Yu Rong

Anhui, in history, has been a place for emperors and political leaders, a place for scientists and beauties! Such as Cao Cao, Zhu Yuanzhang, Chen Duxiu, Li Kenong, Hu Jintao, Li Keqiang, Wang Yang, Wu Bangguo and other political leaders. Scientists Yang Zhenlin and others; Zhao Wei, Jiang Mengjie and other beautiful celebrities!

Before the reform and opening up, Anhui was a poor agricultural province. Historically, there were many requests for food. Why does Anhui ask for more food? Historically and geographically, because of the number of natural disasters! It is said that the Fengyang flower drum was sung by Anhui people when they went out begging! Zhu Yuanzhang himself was born as a beggar, but he created the Daming Dynasty! This is a brilliant dynasty! It has enriched the cultural and ethnic connotations of famous Chinese ethnic groups.

From history to the present, the Huaihe River has flooded and Anhui has suffered a lot! During the great flood of 2020, in order to protect Henan Province upstream and Jiangsu Province downstream, Fangjiatan Reservoir in Anhui Province was cut open for being drowned purposedly ! The people of Anhui, who had just become rich, were once again overwhelmed by the flood! Salute the heroic fathers , brothers and sisters and old folks in Anhui! Give them a round of applause!

Today’s Anhui has changed from a traditional agricultural province to a modern science and technology province! Anhui today is no longer the same as before!

Today’s American Anhui Provincials Association has entered the Millennium Hotel, No. 1, United Nations Headquarters Building, on July 16, 2021, co-organized the press conference for the 2021 Miss Asian Pageant in Support of UN 17 SDGS!

As the co-organizer of the 2021 Miss Asian Pageant in Support of UN 17 SDGS, American Anhui Provincials Association participated in the opening ceremony held at the Millennium Hotel of 2021 MAPUN on July 30, 2021, and the finals and closing ceremonies held at Sovereign Restaurant.

On September 28, 2021, helped the organizer Wall Street Satellite TV successfully entered the United Nations Headquarters Building No. 1, to hold a large-scale press Conference for 2022 United Nations World University Students Peace Ambassador Selection Competition

The most commendable thing is That American Anhui Provincials Association, on May 2, 2021, participated in a large-scale rally and parade to stop Asian hatred and racial discrimination organized by Congressman Grace Meng and Queens District Chief! Finally, the bill of the United States Congress was approved by President Biden and became law.

Anhui, in addition to many famous places of interest, such as Huangshan Mountain and Jiuhua Mountain, Anhui’s “Huangmei Opera” is even more famous, and both women and children know it!

Today, Chen Xiaofang is taking her 7 fairies, like angels descending from the heaven to the earth, to perform live, so that everyone could listen to the authentic Huangmei Opera.

Somnath Ghimire , President of GPK Foundation America Chapter

Thank you Chen Xiaofang for coming to perform! At the same time, thank you to the following units for participating in tonight’s performance, with a total of 128 performers! They are:

North American Xiaofang Huangmei Art Troupe、
Traveling to the United States Anhui Fellowships Association Cultural and Industrial Group、
New York Huaxia Song and Dance Troupe、
New York Chinese Ballet Peking Opera Troupe、
Guo Yangzi Spottier Aesthetic Education Group、
Ashley Liang Dance Center、
Deng Mengmeng Dance Center、
Zhang Meide Elf Art Center、
Shu Kaili-Kelly Starlight Dance Center、
Former Prime Minister of Nepal American Foundation-Somnath Ghimire, President of GPK Foundation America Chapter
American Guangzhou Classmates Art Song and Dance Troupe

Today, American Anhui Provincials Association is holding the “Voice of Anhui Music Party” here! I hope to bring you a surprise and a musical feast. When We are in our hometown in Anhui, we are listening to the Voice of America; now, while we are in the United States, we are listening to the voice of Anhui! Huangmei Opera, Fengyang Flower Drum, etc.! Thank you to the many cultural and art groups in the community for supporting our performances. Each unit will present an average of two literary and art programs. Let our Evening be filled with the voice of the Chinese nation! When Anhui is strong, China is strong! As The children of our Chinese nation and the descendants of China, we are strong together! Please listen to the voice from Anhui! Please listen to the voice from China! The voice of my hometown! The voice of Anhui, China!

Thank you very much for you Listening .

Yuxiang Min
President of American Anhui Provincials Association
Nov. 28, 2021
137-35 Northern Blvd, Flushing, NY 11355, Flushing Town Hall

The following is videos of performances at Voice of Anhui Musical Evening.