Pictures from Asian American Day Celebration in Boston Common

Organizers, performers pose for a picture before the opening ceremony.

By Xinming Li,

Boston, Sept. 12, 2016, — The Sixth Asian American Day Festival wae held in Boston Common on Saturday, Sept. 10. Gov. Baker, Mayor Walsh and Boston City Council declared Sept. 10, 2016 the Asian American Day in Massachusetts and in Boston. About 20,000 visitors stopped by to watch cultural performances and check out 30 food vendors and 80 booths in the northwest part of Boston Common.

The opening ceremony started at 10 AM on the main stage near Charles Street. Nam Pham, Assistant Secretary of Business Development at The Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing & and Economic Development, handed the declaration letter of Asian American DaY signed by Gov. Baker and Lt. Gov. Polito to attorney Ye Edward Huang, president of board at Asian American Association of Boston. Mr. Pham congratulated the organizers said he was very proud to celebrate the first Asian American Day himself.
State Rep. Tackey Chan also brought citation from MA House of Representatives. He mentioned that there were only five Asian Americans legislators on Beacon Hill, and encouraged more Asian Americans to run for office. Representatives from Chinese Consulate General in New York Wang Jun and Wang Xinyuan also attended the opening ceremony before taking a short work to Chinatown for the third annual August Moon Lantern Festival.
“We have worked very hard to put this event together over the past six months. I would like to thank all the partners who have worked tireless to put this celebration together,” said David Bai, president of the organizing committee of the Sixth Asian American Day.
Mr. Bai also thanked Mr. Klysler Yen (middle in the picture above), the founder of Asian American Association of Boston, for inspiring a younger generation of Asian Americans to serve the community. Mr. Yen recently received President’s Lifetime Achievement Award in Volunteer Service for having completed more than 4,000 hours of volunteer work. Over 200 volunteers, including high school students and 80 member of New England KungFu Dance Association, were on site to help setup and cleanup during the day-long event.
Sunshine Men’s Vocal Quartet sang the National Anthem to kick off the performances. Lion dance and kung fu performances by Wah Lum Kung Fu drew loud applause. Erica Wu, world champion in rhythm gymnastics, performed a wonderful routine.
Please check out some pictures from the Sixth Asian American Day Festival below.

Sixth AA Day’s opening ceremony Performances
Emcees: Joe Li、Jing Xu、Bob Gao、Haozhuan Li、Angel Wei、Liyuan Guo
Performing Groups

1. Boston Chinese Folk Dance Group
2. Chinese Culture Connection’s Multi-arts performance troupe
3. Boston Qipao Association
4. New England KungFu Dance Association
5. Wangju Chen group
6. Wah Lum Lion Dance Group
7. Wong Lion Dance Group
8. Oriental fusion band
9. Seed Music & Art Center
10. Greater Boston Asian American Youth Symphony Orchestra
11. Boston XiYangYang Music Ensemble
12. Boston Star Band
13. Sun Beatzz Band
14. Liu family cell Group
15. Sunshine Men’s Vocal Quartet
16. Yan Lan Children’s Chorus
17. Korean Dance and Drum Group
18. Genki Spark Japanese Drums Group
19. Wah Lum Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy
20. Boston Chinese Kungfu Research Institute
21. Harvard GSAS AnLin TaiChi Budo Association
22. Boston Chinese Drum troupe
23. Greater Boston Chinese Seniors Center ThaiChi Classes
24. North East Rhythmics Group