Mayor Wu and Others Congratulate the Grand Opening of American Academy of World Music

Weston, Mass, Dec. 20, 2021, — The grand opening ceremony of American Academy of World Music (AAWM) was held at the historical Henderson House in Weston on Dec. 18. Many famous musicians in the greater Boston Area and community leaders attended this event. Boston Mayor and many distinguished guests from around the world offered their congratulations via a video clip below.

“Congratulations to American Academy of World Music. We are so excited to see the new opportunities for culture and bringing the communities together that you represent, to pass on to the next generation. Thanks to everything you are doing!” said Mayor Wu in the video.

“My name is Yazhi Guo, I am the co-founder and President of The American Academy of World Music (AAWM), It is a new music school that will bring eastern and western music together. On behalf of Gloria Rong and the other co-founders, we are proud to bring you the grand opening of our school. I want to thank those who gave their support from all over the world.” Mr. Guo said during the ceremony.

Mr. Guo states that AAWM will focus on educating the next generation of musicians, bringing them together. He said: “Boston is a great city with famous colleges such as Harvard University, MIT, Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory of Music. With their rich resources, we can connect artists from the world to build a legacy for the academy. We believe our students will lead the future of world music, and create different styles of music. We also believe that this vision will realize our dream of global unity and world peace.”

Beatrice Lee, a well known reporter for local Chinese newspapers at 90-year-young, attended the grand opening ceremony while still recovering from a fall at home. She has long been a fan of Mr. Yazhi Guo and Ms. Tao He, and wished great success for AAWM in her brief remarks.

Mr. Yazhi Guo and students performed an original song Nice to Meet You at the ceremony. The Chinese instrument hulusi used for this song was re-invented by Mr. Guo so that it has much more range than the traditional hulusi. Mr. Guo also made improvement to the suona instrument. Mr. Guo has been called an innovator of Chinese instruments, and his new mission now is to introduce innovation to music by bringing together the best genres of music from all over the world at American Academy of World Music.