World Renowned Shaolin Kung Fu To Be Performed at Lincoln Field on July 1

By David Li,

The 35th generation Shaolin warrior monk, Master Heng Zhen from Shaolin Temple China, and his students from Boston Shaolin Kungfu Center in Quincy, will perform Shaolin Kung Fu at Lincoln Field of Lexington, Mass., at 3 PM on July 1. This event is free to all.

Singer Heather Schmid among other students of Boston Shaolin Kung Fu Center at a performance in Quincy Mass. last year.

According to its website, the Boston Shaolin Kung Fu Center is established by Shifu Hengzhen, esteemed disciple of the China Shaolin Temple’s revered Masters Shi Yanju and Shi Yansi. Under the guidance of both Shi Yanju and Shi Yansi, Shifu Hengzhen excelled and became an outstanding warrior monk in the Shaolin Warrior Monk performance team after more than ten years of training at the Temple. His unparalleled abilities led him to be both the head coach at the New York Shaolin Temple and the Chicago Shaolin Temple for many years. Shifu Hengzhen is an expert in many areas, including Shaolin Iron Palm, numerous weapons, animal fist forms, traditional Shaolin fist forms, drunken fist forms, qigong and Wudang Tai Chi.

Shaolin Kung Fu originated from Shanlin Temple more than 1,000 years ago in Henan province, China. It combines the philosophy of Buddhism and the unique training methods crated by generations of monks at Shanlin Temple. Shaolin Kung Fu gained world-wide popularity with the release of classic Chinese Kung Fu movie Shaolin Temple in 1982 when Jet Li made his acting debut, and many other movies after that.

I have seen a couple performances by Boston Shaolin Kung Fu Center over past year in Quincy and in Boston Chinatown. I was only a small kid when I saw the movie Shaolin Temple in China. It was a shocking experience for me when I saw live performance of Shaolin Kung Fu by Master Heng Zhen and his students for the first time at North Quincy High last year. It surely reminded me of my childhood and how proud I was of the long and rich history and culture of my motherland.

According to Qing Zhang, one of the organizers of this performance, the Boston Shaolin Kung Fu Center is only one and a half year old. “You will be impressed how much they can do. Especially the fantastic performance of Master Heng Zhen. I am sure you will enjoy and think the time worth to spent,” said Qing with excitement.

Lincoln Field has a playground in the center. It has a big parking at front. You’ll find where it is from check the Map online.