Immigrant Couple Celebrated Diamond Wedding Anniversary with 300 Guests

By David Li,

In the evening of Dec. 9, 2012, Mr. & Mrs. Zhaozhen Wu celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary at Empire Garden in Boston Chinatown with 300 family and friends. Immigrated from Guangzhou, China to Boston in 1988, Mr. & Mrs. Wu worked until their retirement in 2000. They were well respected in the community for their passionate love for each other and their outstanding children and grandchildren.

Dr. Robert Wu walks with his mother Qingsheng Chen, a school teacher for more than 40 years, to begin the diamond wedding anniversary celebration.

Family memebers, including Dr. Robert Wu, Yun Wu and Amy Wu performed their favorite songs and dance. Erica Wu, daughter of Dr. Robert Wu and Amy Wu and also a national rhythmic gymnastics champion, performed a beautiful routine. Local Chinese singers and musicians, such as Klysler Yen and ChingSan Cheung, also performed in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Zhaozhen Wu’s diamond wedding anniversary.

Mr. Tom McDonough, a representative from Boston City Hall, presented Mr. & Mrs. Zhaozhen Wu with congratulatory letters from Mayor Menino and Boston City Council. Many guests expressed their admiration for the loving relatoins between Mr. & Mrs. Zhaozhen Wu.

when asked about his seceret in achiving a long lasting marriage, Mr. Zhaozhen Wu summarized it in one word: love. Please check out some pictures from the celebration below.