Dance around the World Headlines More Than 30 Weekend Events in Lexington, March 16-17

Lexington, Mass., March 18, 2013, ( — This past weekend, Lexington celebrated the 300th anniversary of incorporation with an exciting program of over 30 events. Dance around the World(DAW) was held on Saturday evening at Lexington High School. Over 1,000 residents showed up to enjoy different styles of dance and music, and more than 100 dancers, cultural booth demonstrators and food vendors showcased their cultures during the occasion.

Melanie Lin (left) with a poster of a Chinese letter meaning dance (made by Catherine Wang), and Dori Martin holding a poster of dance in Swahili, an East Africa language. (photo by David Li)

In a thank-you letter, DAW co-chairs Geetha Padaki and Melanie Lin wrote:” Thank the event team who helped us pull all this together: Sandy Chew, Neerja Bajaj, Sumana Rao, Faith Lin and Shoba Reginald, Wenjie Cheng, May Zhuang, Sanjay Padaki, Tanaya Morrisett, Judy Cai, Carmen Ledonne, Jessie Shi.” They also thanked the Chinese American Association of Lexington (CAAL) and Indian Association Lexington (IAL) for the many volunteers the two organizations provided. Both of the co-chairs were working full-time on their day jobs while pulling together this remarkable event.

Long time resident Sophia Ho enjoyed many events over the whole weekend. “I appreciate how much work you and others put in just by entering the highschool, the halls, the decoration was fantastic, labor intensive, and it showed,” said Mrs. Ho. She was also panelist in two well-attended panel discussions titled “Fundraising in Lexington: How and Why” and “Women in Civic Life” on Saturday and Sunday. As a member of CAAL, she was very proud of the significant contribution made by CAAL members, such as Melanie Lin and Faith Lin, to these events.

In an email announcement, organizers described Dance around the World event as this: “The evening is packed with exciting segments and there is something for everyone! There are Classical/Folk dance performances where you can learn and practice some new dance moves from around the world followed by a high energy, DJ led dance party with LHS student leading some of the popular dances from Gangnam style, Bhangra to 最炫民族风. There is even a unique fusion dance that highlights how music bridges across cultures. You can visit cultural booths from our diverse community and enjoy delicious ethnic food.”

Please check out more pictures from Dance around the World by David Li and Adrian Wang below.

Detailed event list for LexCelebrate! Incorporation Weekend is below.

Click to access LCIW-Program-Guide-Final-3_11_13.pdf

The Lexington 300 website has a wide variety of interesting historical information and a full schedule of activities through Memorial Day.

In the morning of Sunday, March 3, dozens of Lexington residents gathered on the steps of Cary Hall for a group picture to promote upcoming Lexington 300 events.