2013 Sina-US Trade and Investment Summit Is to be Held at NYU on April 26

This event is aimed to build up a high-end platform for enhancing the communication between domestic Chinese elites and their oversea counterparts. Through speeches, forums and banquets, the event provides business professionals with a series of great chances to share their experience in investment and management. Further business opportunities are largely extended here.

We have invited 100 prestigious Chinese domestic top managers/CEOs to New York for investment opportunities, covering fields such as banking, insurance, real estate, pharmaceutical, manufacturing industry etc. Members of the coming delegation will not only share their rich experience in management but also valuable views of success.

The first Sino-U.S. Investment and Trade Summit-Dialogue with Wall Street will be held on April 25-April 26, 2013 in New York.

Up to now, mutual trade and investment between China and the US have peaked in the historical record. The expansion of the breadth of mutual funding and cooperation between these two giants benefits both countries’ investors, grows each’s GDP, improves employment rate, and helps keep societal stability.

In order to sustain a healthy and sustainable development of such large-scaled economic and trade cooperation, we should not only look at the growth of trade capacity but also work one eliminating barriers to the mutual trust and understanding between two countries. But how to enhance communication and mutual understanding through liberal market activities? Faced with challenges and opportunities, CSSPENA cooperated with other organizations will hold Sino-U.S. Investment and Trade Summit in major cities on the east coast of US from April 22 to April 28, 2013, featuring theme in “communication, mutual trust and mutual benefits.” From a series of communicative forums, stakeholders of Sino-US trade could learn the investment environment of both countries and in this way, mutual understanding and interaction are largely enhanced.

In April 25 2013, Welcome Dinner

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In April 26 2013, the Sino-US Entrepreneur Roundtable held at New York University will invite senior consultants from American investment banks and international trade companies to thoroughly discuss questions that Chinese entrepreneurs consider about and to give constructive suggestions based on the investment environment in America. In addition, we will conduct case analysis and organize small panel discussions to break down possible investment projects. For Chinese entrepreneurs, this event cold bring them threefold benefits. First, through the interaction with American professionals at each key part of investment, Chinese entrepreneurs can learn the vital information such as American market, funding, investment, immigration, tax, finance and accounting. Second, Chinese entrepreneurs can find new versions or potential business partners. Last but not least, this event provides potentials for setting up good relationship with local, state or federal government in the US.

500 par participates are expected for this grand event, including students and scholars from high-end schools such as Columbia University as well as working professionals who focus on Chinese business development. The Sino-U.S. Investment and Trade Summit 2013 invites you to take part in this wonderful event and seize the great opportunity in this coming end of April, 2013.

Registration Link: http://www.csspena.com/index.php/registration

1. Missions
Provide important information for Chinese and American companies, identifying market opportunities
Enhance communication on mutual benefits and mutual trust
Build up multilateral partners with strategic relationships

2. Members of delegation
Companies or individuals that look for Technology support
Companies that look for partners for investment or funding
Companies or individuals that look for promoting/delegating American product services

key Panels:
Dialogue with Wall Street
Private Equity
Trade and Investment Opportunity in New York
Registration Link: http://www.csspena.com/index.php/registration

2013 Featured Speakers (part listed)
Victor Zhikai GAO is an Executive Director and Chairman of the International Committee of Beijing Private Equity Association, a Director of China National Association of International Studies, and Vice Chairman of Sino Europe United Investment Corporation. Victor Gao is also a member of the Beijing Energy Club.
Chen Jiguo, Shanghai Tongye Coal Chemical Group, Chairman of the Board
Mark Tashkovich, Alta Capital Partners, CEO
Euan Rellie, Business Development Asia, Co-Founder & Sr Managing Director
David Fergusson, The M&A Advisor, Senior Managing Director
Mark Tang, WT Global Capital, GCA Therapeutics, Chairman
Phil Midland, Strategic Renaissance 21