April 15 — Application Deadline for the 22nd Annual Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy Competition

(April 15, 2013 Application deadline)
 Jury Date: 4/20/2013
Competition Details:
  For promotion and encouragement, we used several winners’ art works as the background for PR materials, with credit to the author. Thousands have seen the art works and have given the authors their unreserved admiration.

Competition Eligibility:

All students, except adult classes, regardless of ethnic origins, individual or currently enrolled in Chinese Schools, private Art Classes, Art Studios, and/or colleges in United States are eligible. There are four age groups: A: Age 9 and under, B: age 10 to 13, C: age 14 to 17, and D: age 18 to 22. Each student can submit two pieces of either brush painting or calligraphy, or both, total up to four pieces per student if both brush painting and calligraphy works are included.


1. The art work should be produced by the student himself. Xerox copy or tracing of existing arts or calligraphy is not acceptable.

2. Use Chinese rice paper only. The minimum size is 11×17 inches. No maximum size limitation.

3. Student should write their Chinese names on the front corner.

4. On the back side of each piece, attach a small piece of paper with the following information: student’s name (both Chinese and English), date of birth, age group, telephone, Email, name of the Chinese school/studio enrolled (in both Chinese and English), the name, address, Email, and the phone number of the contact person, and whether this piece needs to be returned ($6 per piece handling fee.)

5. There is no entry fee. A $6 handling fee for each piece that needs to be returned. Otherwise, the returning of the artwork is not guaranteed. All winners’ artworks will be mounted and returned regardless whether a $6 fee is paid or not.

Panel of Judges:

Dr. Doris Chu朱蓉:President of former International Society. Writer, art critic and collector.

Prof. Wai-Fong Loh陸惠風: Former professor of Chinese History at Harvard. Poet, writer, and art collector.

Mr. Qingxiong Ma馬清雄:Professional Chinese brush painter and calligrapher.

Mr. Yu-Sing Jung鍾耀星: renowned architect and calligrapher. Art collector.

Prof. Qian-Shen Bai白謙慎:Professor of Chinese Art History at Boston University and professional calligrapher.

Mrs. Jing Hua Gao Dalia高靜華:Professional Chinese brush painter and calligrapher.

Prof. Aida Yuen Wong阮圓:Professor of Asian Art, Chair, East Asian Studies, Brandeis University.

Prof. Yin Peet 謝茵: Professor of Asian Art, Holy Cross College, and Mass College of Arts

Awards: Three Gold, three Silver, three Bronze prizes will be awarded to each group. In addition, the brush painting B group (age 10-13) will have additional three Honor awards due to the large number of contestants in that age group. All winners will receive award certificates. Each Gold prizewinner will receive $80 in cash. As a part of the prize, the winners’ artworks will be mounted and exhibited at libraries and schools around the metropolitan Boston area. It will also be displayed on our website at www.ChinesePerformingArts.net.