Ms. Xiaojie Li to Appear in Nashua Court Today after Taser Arrest

By David Li,

Boston, May 10, 2013, — It’s been exactly five months to the date when Ms. Xiaojie Li was arrested outside the Apple Store at the Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua, N.H.. Ms. Li will appear in court to defend against resisting arrest and trespassing charges against her today in Nashua.

Over the past five months, Apple stock price suffered a 13.8% drop while the Dow Jones Instrutrial average rose about 15% to hit record highs. The above graph from Yahoo! Finance shows Apple stock price over past five months compared with Dow Jones Industrial average.

Harvard Business School should really do a case study of what happened to the downfall of Apple over past five months or so. When the employees of a company could be so arrogant that they drove a loyal customer out of the door and even ask police to arrest her. What had made Apple gadgets so cool with nice designs to millions of customers is no match to the cries of Ms. Li when she was tasered by the police outside the Apple Store, and is no justification for that millions of workers who make Apple products are being exploited by factory owners in Asia.

A reader commented on on a report of Ms. Li as follows:

This is disgusting and shocking. That poor woman. Tasered? Really? For trying to buy products in a mall.

1. The tasers need to go.
2. Apple-if you really want to limit sales — your image will do that soon enough with the labor problems and now the shocking customer relations tactics.
3. How about some multi-lingual signs? “We only want $1200.00 per customer”

The above video shows police arresting Ms. Li outside the Apple store on Dec. 11, 2012. Two policemen used taser gun on Ms. Li after she refused to cooperate. The employees at the Apple store refused to sell two iPhones to Ms. Li as she had bought two iPhones from the store the week before.

Ms. Li’s court date is May 10 at 1:00 PM at circuit court in Nashua, NH. The address is 30 spring street Nashua, NH 03060.

“Let’s pray that God walks with her through this trial!” wrote one of Ms. Li’s friends. She will drive Ms. Li to the court appearance from Newton, Mass. today.