Mayoral Candidate Charlotte Richie Convenes Youth Dialogue on Trayvon Martin Verdict

Boston, July 30, 2013 – Charlotte Golar Richie hosted a youth summit on Saturday, July 27, and discussed issues related to the criminal justice system and its impact on the city’s youth, particularly young men of color. The discussions centered on ways to be proactive in dealing with the myriad of issues impacting young men and women, from high unemployment and dropout rates to curtailing drugs and violence in the neighborhoods.
Boston Mayoral Candidate Charlotte Golar Richie tuned in, taking notes as more than fifty youth from across the city participated in a Listening Session for Youth Leaders at the Roxbury YMCA on Saturday. Some of the issues and concerns of attendees included violence, gangs, lack of vocational and educational opportunities. One of Richie’s proposed plans, as Mayor of Boston, is to establish an Office of Youth Affairs that will address the many issues confronting Boston’s young people.

Richie, a former Senior Vice President for YouthBuild USA, an organization with a long track record of supporting thousands of at-risk young adults by helping them rebuild their lives, and connecting them to education and training to prepare them for jobs in the construction trades. Richie is also a former legislator, City of Boston Cabinet Chief for Housing in Mayor Menino’s administration, and an advisor to Governor Patrick.

“As I spoke with young people, especially young men of color, after the Trayvon Martin verdict at Jeep Jones Park in Roxbury, and at the rally in Dudley Square, many said they felt the verdict signaled that their lives had less value than others,” said Richie.

“Some young people said that too often society views them as the problem, not the solution. This meeting is about problem solving – and engaging our young people to help find solutions,” Richie stated in a press release.
Officer Sandy Woodley gave advice to the more than fifty young people gathered at the Roxbury YMCA for an interactive Listening Session with youth hosted by Boston Mayoral Candidate Charlotte Golar Richie on Saturday. The purpose of the session was to hear what young people have to say and offer suggestions to them about ways to be proactive in their communities. One issue of concern for the youth was their relationship with police.

Richie, who is running for Mayor of Boston, said young people would be an integral part of her administration. She is currently reaching out to a number of youth-service organizations and to youth directly for this important dialogue, which she hopes will lead to concrete recommendations that support teens and young adults.

With a strong background in federal and state advocacy, political activism, youth education and job training, and housing and community development, and a respected record of commitment to public service, Charlotte Golar Richie is a proven leader and seasoned administrator with strong ties to diverse constituencies. Find out more about Charlotte Golar Richie at Like on Facebook at Follow on Twitter @Charlotte4Mayor.