After Third Asian American Festival, AAAB Plans More Cultural Events

By David Li,

Boston, Oct. 6, 2013, — During a recent board meeting at 130 Lincoln Street in Boston Chinatown, members of Asian American Association of Boston (AAAB) reflected on the successful completion of third Asian American Festival on Sept. 7 at Quincy High School, and reviewed plans for future events. Mr. Klysler Yen also brought moon cakes and coffee to thank the hard work by meeting attendees in organizing the Asian American Festival.
Mr. Klysler Yen, Dr. Hao Wu thank performers of the third Asian American Festival.

In August 2011, the first Asian American Festival was held in China Pearl restaurant in Quincy, Mass., and included guests from Tianjin TV station. The Second Asian American Festival featured performances by Guangzhou Little Angels Symphony Orchestra. In this year’s Third Asian American Festival, guest performers included Sun Yanyan, a renowned pipa artist from China, Julia Gleen, the No. 1 violist of Harvard University, and Erica Wu, a world champion in rhythm gymnastics.

In a recently TV interview at Boston Neighborhood Network (BNN) to promote Asian American Festival, Ye Huang, chairman of the Board of Directors of AAAB, explained in detail the goals of holding Asian American Festival. Please check the video below.

AAAB was formed on July 1, 2010, and is recognized as a U.S. Federal and Massachusetts nonprofit organization. As a center of friendship through networking and print media, AAAB serves as an important platform for cultural and artistic exchange of information through members, between communities, various cultural institutions of Commerce, and Asian American ethnic communities. Through inter-city, regional, as well as between China and the U.S. ties, AAAB provides a platform for communication, exchange, and cooperation and strives to achieve social harmony.

Over past few years, AAAB has established partnership with many local and regional associations and cultural institutions, such as the Asian Cultural Center, Nanjing University Alumni Association of Boston, Boston Chinese Merchants Association, BNN, Chinese Martial Arts Institute, Northwest China Overseas Friendship Association. Mr. Klysler Yen thanked these partner organizations for their support in putting together the Asian American Festival.

Internationally, AAAB agreed to form partnership with Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Vocational and Technical schools, Qi Yuwen studio, Wuyi University, Wuyi Chamber of Commerce, Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Greater Zhanjiang Canary Benevolent Association and etc. Working with these partners, AAAB will bring more cultural events to Boston in the near future. The website of AAAB is