Four Chinese University Reunion on a Perfect Autumn Day in Boston

By Beatrice Lee, columnist

Boston, Oct. 22, 2013, –I went to the four Chinese university (Fudan, Jiaotong, Nanjing and Nankai) reunion in Brighton on Oct. 19. TaiDa wasn’t there. I guess that Tsinghua, Chiao-Da and PKU weren’t there either. Of course, Jeh-Kuo and Taipei 1st girls high school weren’t there. I had studied in Chung-King Nankai Middle School and Nanjing Chung-Da-Fu-Chung (Nanjing University) before I went to Taiwan. I wore so many “HATS”, being the oldest, probably the only white hair grandma there. I felt very much at “home” with these groups. I love to be mingled with the younger set, and the beautiful weather this Fall in Boston has been really awesome.
Group picture (all photo provided by Nankai University Boston Alumni Association).

Most of the 100 plus people were younger set. Some singles in their early 20s that had just came to Boston. Some married and both came recently to study and work here, few with babies and toddlers. Almost all were from Harvard, MIT, BU, Northeastern and nearby hospitals doing research. One particular person was very high minded and turned me off. Being a visiting scholar at Harvard Yen-Ching library, she was very proud of herself, not humble like the others enjoyed talking to everyone. She definitely didn’t like me, the only elderly with gray hair, and thought I was “nobody.” How could she belong to the group?

You know what? I might not have a PhD, but I have my masters and good many years working as a civil servant and teacher in public high schools here. I have a great family with at least five “Ph.D”s, doctor, lawyer, engineer, teachers and researchers too. How about 13 grandchildren? Lets not bragging about that.

It was a beautiful Autumn day in Boston. It happened to be the famous “Charles River Regatta” day too. Glad that the organizers pick the great place for school reunions. 3000 plus people and 2000 boats, coming from 17 countries and 50 states. Probably over 400000 watching. Wasn’t this the 47th year as Boston Tradition?

Everyone introduced her/ himself in a circle. I enjoyed listening to them. We’ve got the brightest group gathered. Some of us got some small pins, postcard and key tags to keep. All four universities’ school banners were hanged up among the trees. People walking by certainly looked at us speaking Chinese.

Buffet dinner was in Maki Maki on Western Ave in Brighton. We got discount of $32 /person tip and tax inclusive. Fresh seafood including crab legs,lobster,little neck,——80 selections of sushi and sashimi and more than 60 types of hot and cold dishes. Children under 3 were free and seniors over 60 should get 10% off but I didn’t get it as they didn’t believe that I was over 80. Why fight for that? I ate more than the younger set,believe it or not.

It’s nice to have school reunions and put the news in the paper. We all need connections. I missed the last August Moon Festival,so I was really happy to be there this time.

The organizers were very speedy and have already put the photos on the website. Can’t you see how happy the groups were?