“Fang” (meaning house) Selected as Word of 2013 in China

Beijing, Dec. 23, 2013, –“Fang” (房, meaning house) became the word of the year 2013 in China, Shandong TV announced at the ceremony of 2013 hot Chinese words on Sunday.
The average price for an apartment in this Beijing complex is close to 40,000 RMB per square meter, or about $612 per square foot at end of 2013 (photo by David Li).

Li Yuming, Party chief of Beijing Language and Culture University, said the selection of “Fang” reflects people’s expectation for a better policy that can tame overheated property market in China.

The selection of hot Chinese words is co-sponsored by the China’s National Language Resource Monitoring and Research Center, Commercial Press, Beijing Language and Culture University

Zheng Neng Liang (literally: Positive energy) has been named the Chinese phases of the year, Mai (Smog), Meng (Dream), Gai Ge (Refom), Tu Hao (nouveau riche), Guang Pan Xing Dong (empty dishes championship) were also selected as hot words and phases of this year.

According to the National Language Resource Monitoring and Research Center, hot Chinese words of 2013 were selected from 1 billion words which can reflect China’s social changes in the year.