BCPA Ends 2013 with Indoors Photography Event and Lecture

Boston, Jan. 6, 2014, — Boston Chinese Photographers’ Association (BCPA) wrapped up a year full of dramas and activities with a lecture at Framingham Public Library on Dec. 22, 2013. Over 20 members attended the lecture, and nine of them shared pictures they took in 2013.

Daryl Luk (left) works with model Tian Qin during a photo shoot in Nov. 2013 (photo by David Li).

Under the leadership of president Daryl Luk, BCPA organized a number of events and lectures during 2013. The April 2013 BCPA event was photographing the 117th Boston Marathon. Several BCPA members made home safely, including those who were at the finish line just minutes before the bombs went off.

In Nov. 2013, 15 photographers took part in the annual indoors photography event at Mingwei Li’s home in Burlington. Two students from local universities and soprano Tian Qin were the models for the photo shoot. BCPA members enjoyed an afternoon of shooting beautiful models with state-of-the-art lighting equipment provided by Mr. Mingwei Li. They thanked the models for their patience and professionalism during the three-hour event.

The following is some pictures from the indoors photography event by BCPA.

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