Tao Dance Theatre Debuts in Boston at End of February

By Beatrice Lee, bostonese.com columnist

We don’t get to see too many performances here in American stages from China due to passport and visa issues. Chinese Performing Art ‘s CEO and president Catherine Chan can verify that. Last week her pianist couldn’t get visa at the last minute ,had to be substituted by a local artist, therefore  the program had to be changed in Jordan Hall.

Indeed that the Celebrity Series of Boston is lucky, or I should say that we are fortunate  that ” The Tao Dance Theater ” will have their “first” appearance  in Citi-Shubert theatre ,270 Tremont Street on Feb.27-28 as our Boston Debut.

“Tao” means “The Way” ,right? Also,it’a pretty popular last name too.( could mean Clay).

Since it’s founding in 2008,Tao Dance Theater has taken China’s dance world by storm. The company has performed in every modern dance festival  all over the country and has collaborated with leading Chinese artists including theatre, experimental music,film,visual arts and installation. It’s world wide,including Europalia(BE),Cultureacapes (CH),M.A.D.E. Festival(SE),Singapore Arts Festival and American Dance Festival (US).

Founder Tao Ye danced with Jin Xing Dance theater  in Shanghai and then Beijing Modern Dance Company. Dancer Wang Hao,a specialist in Mongolian folk dance. He is a graduate of Central University of Nationalites Dance Academy , join the founder Tao Ye in 2008. The third dancer,Duan NI,danced with 2 of the world’s leading modern dance legends—Shen Wei (U.S.) and Akram Khan (UK) before returning to China to work exclusively with Tao Ye.

Tickets start at $60,available online at WWW.celebrityseries.org , by calling Citi Charge 866-348-9738 or at the Citi Performing Center Wang Theater Box office.

The old man winter will be stepped aside for the pretty Miss Spring soon,soon,and soon….Dancers everywhere—-

Please don’t miss this dance performances at the end of Feb. All the Chinese activities will also be finishing up ,but we will still celebrate Chinese New Year of The Horse.