Community Forum to Discuss Helping Children Balance Stress and Success

By David Li,

Boston, March 13, 2014, — Over-stress on teenagers is a serious issue. Many parents are very concerned with it. Seventeen-year-old Roee Grutman of Newton Mass. committed suicide at home on Feb. 6 this year.
Roee posted this picture on Instagram the day before he died.

Family members, teachers and classmates of Roee Grutman have been asking themselves that why they didn’t catch the warning signs a month after his death.

The following is a Chinese report of the sad story of three suicides at Newton high schools this school year.

For concerned parents, the “Helping your Child Balance Stress and Success: An Asian-American Perspective” event may be of interests for you. This community forum will be held on Saturday, March 29 from 9 AM to 12 noon at Cary Auditorium. The address is 1605 Mass. Ave., Lexington, Mass., and this event is free and open to all.

You will learn the following at the community forum:

What does the data tell us about Lexington’s Asian-American students and parents?
How can you help your child balance stress and success?
How does immigration influence mental health?
How can you communicate better with your child?
What resources are available to help?

Dr. Timothy F. Dugan, Senior Consultant in Education at Cambridge Health Alliance, wrote the following in his email announcing this community forum.

“As some of you know, I founded a not-for-profit, Lexington Youth and Family Services, Inc., three years ago. We have a busy board and youth advisory group. Our main function up until now is to offer an adolescent drop-in clinic on Friday afternoons at free office space, given to us by the First Parish Unitarian Church. Kids can come in on their own or bring a friend. When then work to help them get re-connected to their parents and family. We think this is an additional and necessary service, contributing to the ‘safety net’ for kids.”