Minuteman@Lex Raised over $200 for LEF at 2014 N.E. Triathlon

By David Li, bostonese.com

Lexington, Mass., July 28, 2014, — A group of 31 kids, age 7 to 12, from Lexington area raced at 2014 New England Triathlon at MIT on July 20. The team called Minuteman@Lex has pledged over $200 to Lexington Education Foundation (LEF) as each participate was able to raise at least $10.
Audrey Ferrell receives silver medal (provided to bostonese.com).

According to parents Jessie Chen and Rose Zhao during an interview at Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt store in downtown Lexington, most of the kids live in Lexington and they enjoyed the swim-bike-run triathlon competition at MIT. Audrey Ferrell, daughter of Rose Zhao, of Clark Middle School won silver medal in the 11-year-old girl’s group.

“I have been swimming for a long time. Hopefully, we will do this again next year,” said Audrey Ferrell.

All members of the Minuteman@Lex team finished their triathlon. For juniors ages 6-10, the triathlon includes swimming 100 meters, biking three miles and running 1/2 mile. For senior ages 11-15, the distance doubles and the triathlon includes swimming 200 meters, biking six miles and the running one mile.

For 10-year-old Elizabeth Breiby and Katie Chen, swimming was the easiest part. “It’s at the beginning and you have all the energy,” said Katie Chen. “Transitioning skills are important. We learned the rules in the clinic,” Katie added.

For 9-year-old Jerry Huang, fourth grader at Harrington school, he couldn’t wait for next year’s triathlon. “I will go all out and try to get better finish, ” said Jerry with his father Paul Huang proudly by his side.

“Hopefully, next year we will have more people joining. It’s been a great experience working with the kids this year. They worked hard to prepare for the competition, and were able to raise money for LEF. I’m really proud of them,” said Jessie Chen.

The 2014 Minuteman@Lex team includes 31 kids from 24 families. They are Allison Ferrell, Ameya Kothandaraman, Andrew Kong, Annabel Cincotta, Audrey Ferrell, Celeste Lin-Butler, Charlie Chen, Christina Li, Elizabeth Breiby, Emily Zhu, Etham Zheng, Ethan Kong, Everest Yang, Gavin Cheung, Jerry Huang, Joanne Zhou, Jodie Chen, Julia MacKenzie, Katie Chen, Isabel Larrabee, Nathaniel Cheung, Naveen Kothandaraman, Aidan Zheng, Lilly MacKenzie, Niles Liu, Octavio Sanrame, Parker Lin-Butler, Selima Chan, Sophie Coe, Wendy Ni and Wesley Tam.