MBTA Phone Thief in Fatal Train Incident Arrested

Boston, Nov. 8, 2014, (www.tpdnews411.com) On November 6, 2014 at approximately 9:48pm Transit Police officers working in Area 1 received a radio call to respond to the MBTA’s Downtown Crossing (Red Line) for a report of a person possibly struck by a train. Multiple Transit Police units responded along with Boston Fire and EMS.
Picture of the suspected phone theft after the fatal incident (MBTA police).

Transit Police personnel on scene reported the following preliminary information: a female, while trespassing on the southbound side, was struck by a Red Line train. The female was pronounced deceased as a result of injuries sustained. Transit Police detectives along with representatives of the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office are investigating the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident. Fould play is NOT suspected.

Red Line service experienced significant delays. MBTA shuttle buses were deployed.

Transit Police detectives during their investigation of the aforementioned incident discovered the decedent’s cellular telephone became dislodged upon impact and landed on the platform. At this time the male depicted within, who we believed observed the incident, walked over to the phone and placed his foot on top of the phone. The male keeps his foot on top of the phone as he scans the area apparently to see if anyone is watching him. The male then reaches down and takes possession of the decedent’s phone places it into his pocket and casually walks away.

As part of an ongoing investigation into the theft of a cellular telephone taken from the decedent in an incident from November 6, 2014, a 26 year old male, Josue Gonzalez of Brockton, turned himself in at Transit Police HQ last night (11/07/14) at approximately 9:30pm.

It is expected Gonzalez will be arraigned sometime on Monday Nov. 10, 2014 in Boston Municipal Court-Central Division for Larceny. The phone has been recovered.