Top Researchers Speak at 2015 Harvard Chinese Life Science Symposium

By Dr. Tea, Founder of My Love Tea

Boston, March 31, 2015, — 2015 Harvard Chinese Life Science Annual Research Symposium co-organized by Harvard Medical School CSSA and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health CSSA was successfully held on March 28 at Jimmy Fund Auditorium. World-class professors from Harvard, Yale, MIT, UMass Medical School etc gave substantial and advanced talks on the latest advances in the world of Life Science. The whole auditorium is fully seated with some people having no extra access but to have a vivid simultaneous video recording at the media room.
My Love Tea Dr. Tea(left) poses with speaker Dr. Xiaoliang Xie Professor, Harvard University, Member of National Academy of Sciences, talking about Life at the Single Molecule Level.

After the opening remarks by Prof. Edward Benz, CEO of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, in-depth lectures by those most famous Chinese Professors in the medical and life science area started with some of the speakers.

The topics are:

  • Professor Yi Zhang, Harvard Medical School, Investigator of Howard Hughes Medical Institute, talking about Understanding Active Demethylation and SCNT through Tool Development. He is the most cited scientist in the biomedical area among all Chinese researchers.
  • Dr. Peng Yin Associate Professor of Wyss Institute, Harvard Medical School, talking about DNA Probes for Highly Multiplexed Super-resolution Imaging.
  • Dr. Feng Zhang Assistant Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, talking about Genome Editing Technologies and Applications.
  • Prof. Guangping Gao, University of Massachusetts Medical School, talking about Viral Vector-Based In Vivo Gene Therapy. He mentioned in his speech that we Chinese should be proud of the very hot topic about the gene therapy, since two of the three gene therapy drugs available are made by Chinese.
  • Lieping Chen Professor, Director of Cancer Immunotherapy, Yale University talking about A Perspective in Immune Modulation Therapy of Cancer.

Dr. Jean Zhao, Associate Professor, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School spoke about Targeting the PI3K/PTEN Pathway in Cancer: from Mouse Genetics to Human Therapies. She talked about her mom who just passed by due to cancer and how her mom affect her as a doctor and a mom towards her life and career.

Also Dr. David Williams Professor, Director of Clinical and Translational Research, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School talked about the Update on Use of Gene Therapy for Monogenic Diseases: the Bad, the Good and the Future.

Harvard Chinese Life Science Annual Research Symposium has been organized by Harvard Medical School CSSA since 2012. It attracts hundreds of participants yearly and has become one of the most influential conferences among Sino-US Life science and medical area. The conference had been a great success with many researchers still discussing after the meeting.