BCPA Photographer Takes You to the Wild Africa

By Xinming Li, bostonese.com

Boston, June 8, 2015, — Ms. Feng Chai is a member of Boston Chinese Photographers Association (BCPA). She shared her experiences and photos of traveling to Africa at the GBCCA Yiwen Club lecture in Newton in the evening of June 7.
National bird of Kenya: lilac-breasted roller (all photos by Feng Chai).

Ms. Chai mentioned that she started to take photography as a serious hobby in 2010. She thanked many friends of BCPA and Wenxuecity gave her many advice and tips over past few years. “I was truly amazed by the beauty of Africa, and hopefully some of my pictures can bring you the excitement that I felt when seeing those magnificent animals, such as flamingo, rhino, zebra, lion and so on, for the first time in Africa.”

Together with about a dozen of Chinese American photographers, Ms. Chai traveled to Kenya in summer of 2014. The following is her itinerary.

August 22 (Fri): Left Boston
August 23 (Day0): Arrived in Nairobi
August 24 (Day1): Lake Naivasha
August 25 (Day2): Lake Nakuru
August 26 (Day3): Maasai Mara Nat. Res.
August 27 (Day4): Maasai Mara Nat. Res.
August 28 (Day5): Porini Lion Camp
August 29 (Day6): Porini Lion Camp
August 30 (Day7): Porini Lion Camp, PM: Nairobi
August 31 (Sun): Back to Boston
Locals say goodbye on the last day (all photos by Feng Chai).

Yiwen Club meets on first Sunday evening every month. 2015 president of Yiwen Club Ms. Xiaoyang Chen thanked Ms. Chai for sharing her beautiful pictures. Author Virginia Taylor shared her Chinese book Red Thread. It tells the story of how she adopted two daughters from China. The book was translated into Chinese by Harry Chen. We will have a separate report of Red Thread.