Nina Liang Elected Quincy City Councilor-At-Large

By Xinming Li,

Quincy, Mass., Nov. 3, 2015, — Mayor Koch was reelected to fifth term defeating William Phelan as expected. One unexpected result in today’s Quincy elections was that Nina Liang’s victory in her campaign for Quincy City Council.

“Everyone, we did it. Against all odds! I’ve humbly taken on the title of City Councilor at Large in my hometown, the great City of Quincy. We made history tonight, ladies and gentlemen. We made history due to your effort, your support and your vote. Thank you for believing in me. I cannot wait to start working for all of you,” wrote Liang on Facebook.

Liang is a lifelong resident of Quincy. From growing up in North Quincy and going to the Sacred Heart School, to today working with her cousins to operate a small business running several restaurants in Quincy, such as office manager at the JP Fuji Group, which runs several restaurants around the city. Through her work with the JP Fuji Group, Nina has had the opportunity to work with community organizations such as Totally Arts, Quincy Medical Center’s Greenbrush Project, YMCA, Father Bill’s, QARI, Quincy Tourism, and Taste of Quincy. Nina understands the value of public service and the positive difference one person can make.

After graduating from Fontbonne Academy, Liang ventured out of state to Hofstra University in New York. During her time away, she continued her fourteen years of dance experience and joined a dance troupe at her school. When she wasn’t performing or in classes, she worked at State Farm Insurance managing personal, commercial and financial accounts.

Liang stated that she wanted to make a difference in the neighborhoods that raised her, and give back to the community that taught her the value of hard work. She wanted to help the working families of Quincy, and to make Quincy an even greater place to live, work, and raise a family, with her entrepreneurial experience coupled with community involvement. With her historical victory tonight, Liang will have the opportunity to put her vision for Quincy in action at Quincy City Council.