Sky View — Pictures of Colorful Foliage from Vermont

Boston, Nov. 2, 2015, — Have you taken a road trip north to the green mountain state of Vermont? Do you dream of flying above the colorful landscape? You can find pictures of the beautiful foliage from 10,000 feet above ground by a reader of here.

While most of Vermont has moved past peak foliage conditions, some great viewing remains in some regions, especially in the Champlain, Connecticut, and Taconic valleys. Vermont’s widespread northern hardwood forests are still showing some excellent late orange and red hues.

There are many swaths of oak woodlands that are still quite green and promising to go russet, along with the still-developing bright yellows of the later-turning aspen species. As the last weeks of another great Vermont fall foliage season wind down, You can look forward to the coming winter for the ski season.
Many hotels in Vermont offers great views. For your road trip, here are some best bets (North to South):
– Lake Champlain Valley, west of the Green Mountains and south, from Burlington to Rutland.
– Route 5, Connecticut River Byway, from White River Junction to Brattleboro.
– Routes 7 and 7A from Manchester to Bennington.
– Route 313 in Arlington.
– Route 30 from Manchester to Rupert.