Chinese Women Entrepreneur Philanthropy Learning Journey Comes to Boston

Dec. 4, 2014, — As Chinese entrepreneurs are increasingly involved in philanthropy, there is an increasing demand among them to learn more about strategic philanthropy and social innovation from the United States.  In part to respond to that demand and in part to fulfill our own mission, PhilanSci Advisory, LLC, a Boston-Based firm to promote impactful philanthropy in China, together with China Foundation Center and Institute of Civil Society at Sun Yat-Sen University, are organizing a study tour program on philanthropy for Chinese Women Entrepreneurs to visit the States in December 2014. The group will be in Boston during December 8-13, and San Francisco during December 14-19.
Speakers for philanthropic learning (picture produced by

Attendees on this program came from different industries in mainland China: real estate, professional service, tourism, international trade.   The program will take the women entrepreneurs on a journey to clarify their own philanthropic plans and connect with visionary leaders and pioneering organizations in American philanthropic field through workshops and site visits.

This program is groundbreaking in many ways.

  • Firstly, in the past, study tour programs from China on philanthropy are mostly for people working in the social sector.  This program is the first to gear toward the entrepreneurs, who are the doers with resources to make a change.
  • Secondly, currently philanthropy in China is largely charity-based, and people are not used to exploring their internal drives of giving and seldom ask hard questions on impact.  It’s the first program to help entrepreneurs/philanthropists to make personal connections to their philanthropy and think more strategically about the change they want to make.
  • Lastly, this program has lined up an amazing group of top-notch experts and organizations in American nonprofits and philanthropy. We have intentionally kept the group small so that some in-depth learning can occur.


Additional Background information on philanthropy in China can be found here.

Agenda: 2014 Philanthropic Learning Program for Chinese Women Entrepreneurs

PhilanSci Advisory, LLC
Address:  17 Bow Street, #35, Somerville, MA
Phone:      617-838-7590
Email:        [email protected]

 Overall Goal

At the end of the program, attendees will be able to

  • Have a better understanding of American philanthropy and social innovation
  • Use framework and tools learned during the trip to create their own philanthropic plan
  • Clarify their philanthropic values, and describe their own philanthropic journey

 Core Questions

  • What will I do to make a positive difference in the world?
  • Specifically, what am I going to do, with whom, by what approach, with what resources (time, influence, money and talent), when, for what impact?

Boston (December 8-12)

Monday, December 8
AM TPI 9:00-


Intro, walk through the agenda Helen Li


Icebreaker exercise:

  • Who are you
  • Why are you here
  • What do you want to accomplish
Lynda Detterman

Helen Li

Group discussion; Put goals on flipchart


Group Contract


Group exercise/discussion on values

  • What are your values
  • Tell a story where your giving is consistent with your values
  • Overall is your giving consistent with your values
Ellen Remmer

Lynda Detterman

Helen Li

Group discussion;

Report back

10:50-11:30 Presentation

  • Big picture overview of philanthropy
Ellen Remmer Speaking & Translation;
PM TPI 13:00-14:00 Presentation

  • Her story on passing on family values
  • Generation personality and reflection on value
  • Small group discussion on situation in China
Ellen Remmer Speaking & Translation;

Group discussion

14:00-14:30 Exercise

  • Family values
Katherine Linder Group discussion
14:45-15:30 Presentation

  • Involving next generation in philanthropy
Katherine Linder Speaking & Translation
15:30-16:00 Q & A
Tuesday, December 9
AM The Boston Foundation 9:30-10:15 Presentation

  • What does TBF do?
  • What makes TBF unique among community foundations?
Daniel  Sherman Speaking & Translation
10:15-11:00 Q & A
PM Big Brothers Big Sisters 13:00-13:45 Presentation

  • What does BBBS do?
  • What makes BBBS successful?
Richard Greif Speaking & Translation
13:50-14:30 Q & A
Wednesday, December 10
AM TPI 9:00-10:00 Presentation

  • On Women philanthropy
Debra Mesch Speaking & Translation
10:15-10:45 Women Entrepreneurs Guest

  • Their story? Their learning?
10:45-11:30 Q & A Debra Mesch
PM TPI 14:00-15:00 Presentation

  • Misconception toward charity
  • Outcome and Impact of charity
Dan Pallotta Speaking & Translation
15:00-15:30 Q & A
Thursday, December 11
AM Greater Boston Food Bank 9:30-12:00 Volunteer Service Ilana Borson
PM Citizen School 13:30-14:30 Presentation

  • What does Citizen School do?
  • What makes Citizen School successful?
  • Application of Balanced Score Card and other entrepreneurial practice
Priscilla Cohen

Claudia Alfaro

Speaking & Translation
14:30-15:00 Q & A
Friday, December 12
AM Greater Boston Food Bank 9:30-10:00 Touring the 117,000SF facility Carol


Speaking & Translation



  • What does GBFB do?
  • What makes GBFB successful?
  • Efficiency and transparency?


Q & A
PM The Boston Foundation 13:00-14:30 Presentation

  • NEID and Giving Circle Practice?
  • Trends in global philanthropy and experience working in that space?
Maggi Alexander Speaking & Translation
14:30-15:45 Group discussion and reflection

  • Reflections on workshop and site visits
  • Values revisited
  • Check back on goals
Lynda Detterman

Helen Li

Group discussion
15:45-16:00 Transition for San Francisco week

San Francisco (December 15-19)

Place Time Content Speaker Format
Monday, December 15


Overview of San Francisco Week Helen Li
9:15-10:45 Presentation

  • Check in on learning in Boston
  • Telling her story
  • Why values matter in giving
Tracy Gary Speaking & Translation


Group exercise/discussion on values

And exercise [ Value Indicator Exercise 2.4 ]

Tracy Gary

Helen Li

Group discussion and report
PM 13:00-14:30 Presentation

  • Obligatory giving vs inspired giving
  • 12 Twelve Elements of Inspired Planning
Tracy Gary Speaking & Translation
14:45-15:15 Exercise [Time Talent Treasures, 2.6] Tracy Gary

Helen Li

Group discussion and report
15:15-15:45 Tips on conducting site visits Tracy Gary Speaking & Translation
15:45-16:30 Q & A Tracy Gary
Tuesday, December 16
AM Impact Hub 10:00-10:30 Guided Tour Marie Haller Observing
10:30-11:00 Presentation

  • What makes Impact Hub successful?
  • Why / how does Impact Hub scale?
Marie Haller Speaking & Translation
11:00-11:30 Q&A
PM Silicon Valley Community Foundation 13:00-14:00 Presentation

  • What does SVCF do?
  • What makes SVCF unique from other community foundations?
  • Innovations at SVCF?
Diane Lai
Misti Sangani
Speaking & Translation
14:00-14:30 Q & A
Wednesday, December 17
AM Year Up 10:00-10:40 Presentation

  • What does Year Up do?
  • What makes Year Up successful?
  • Measurement and evaluation?
John Hiester Speaking & Translation
10:40-11:05 Q & A
11:05-11:30 Meeting staff/students? Observing
PM Tipping Point Community 13:00-13:30 Presentation

  • What does Tipping Point do?
  • What makes Tipping Point unique?
Ashley Sigmon
Melissa Wang
Speaking & Translation
13:30-14:15 Case study discussion

  • Group discussion: if you were to fund an org like Year Up, how would you make the decision?
  • Tipping Point: What is the process of making grants to Year Up?
Group discussion;

Speaking & Translation



Q & A Speaking & Translation
Thursday, December 18
AM Goodwill Store 10:00-11:00 Questions to think about

– How this store is different from charity stores in China?

Helen Li Site visit
PM Umpqua Community Bank 11:00-


Touring Umpqua Bank Store Team
11:30-12:10 Presentation

  • Community defined
  • Skill-based volunteering
  • Integration with business strategy
Nicole Stein Speaking & Translation
12:10-12:30 Q & A
PM 13:30-13:40 Intro – goals for the next day and half Helen Li
13:40-14:30 Presentation

  • 4 Poles of “for-good” sector
  • Social Sector in the US
Phil Cubeta Speaking & Translation
14:45-16:00 Wall Chart Exercise – Phase 1

  • Where will the visited org be on the chart
Phil Cubeta

Helen Li

Group exercise
  • Theory of Change
  • Q & A
Phil Cubeta Speaking & Translation
Friday, December 19
AM 9:00-9:45 Newspaper Exercise

  • Issue areas of interest
Phil Cubeta

Helen Li

Group exercise
9:45-10:30 Presentation

  • Tools in America philanthropy / infrastructure
  • Giving/investing/new venture/business
Phil Cubeta Speaking & Translation
10:30-11:30 Wall Chart Exercise – Phase 2

  • Where Chinese philanthropy is

Wall Chart Exercise – Phase 3

  • 3 tools you would like to use in selected issue areas
Phil Cubeta

Helen Li

Group exercise
PM 13:00-14:00 Presentation

  • Telling Your own philanthropy story
Phil Cubeta

Helen Li

Speaking & Translation
14:00-14:30 Exercise

  • Map Your Journey
14:30-16:00 Wrap Up

  • Revisit goals
  • Envelop exercise