Peng Liqi Talks about Female Leadership at Harvard China Forum

Boston, April 15, 2016, — Peng Liqi, a senior female executive from popular Chinese recruitment agency Liepin, delivered a talk at the 19th Harvard China Forum in Boston to share her stories and opinions on female leadership.
Peng(right) answers questions from the audience (photos by Yuan Wang).

Peng became the first Brand Director in global management ever to be transferred from mainland China to the States before she joined Liepin from consumer products giant Proctor & Gamble.

Peng remarked that the characteristics of female leadership have mainly focused on the balance between life and business. Also, she pointed out the common beliefs in China that a woman cannot be seen as successful if she has a bad marriage, despite her good career, while most successful businessmen are considered to have happy families.

In addition, social expectations toward men and women cannot be the same, she said. Men are expected to have greater skills of leadership while women are thought to remain tender, sensible and considerate.

Peng said she appreciated the choice to put women’s issues as the main forum topic of this year’s forum. She stressed the importance of women in business, as they can build strong teams with the ability to gain market share.

An organizer from the Harvard China Forum said that the forum aimed to analyze the views of globally talented people. The forum also plans to hold a job fair for companies to promote their brands globally, providing opportunities for foreign talents and those from China who want to start their careers in North America.
Other attendees at the event included Chen Congrong, founder of the Shanghai-based e-commerce site; Fang Aizhi, the CEO of Zhenfund; Long Yu, the founder of Bertelsmann Asia Investments; Liang Zhouyang, the founder of Yuyang International Information Company; and, Yan Lan, the president of Norstedts Greater China.