QARI’s Survival English Class Visits Star Market

Quincy, Mass., July 7, 2016, — Quincy Asian Resources’ (QARI) wonderful volunteer teacher, Kim Chan, recently led the seniors of our Mandarin Survival English class to a fun field trip to a supermarket to master some new English vocabularies.

Funded through a grant from the South Shore Elder Services, Inc., the Survival English classes are organized by the QARI. The goals of this program is to teach basic daily survival language skills to elders as well as help them to build up network in the Asian community. This supermarket field trip aimed to help students integrate their knowledges learned from the classroom into the real life experience.

The learning process of the field trip focused on identifying certain items under each category, including a variety of vegetables, pasta, and condiments as well as how to use the price checking machines.
Positive feedbacks were received across the board from the students. Some students reported that they would like more similar activities because it helped them learn more English vocabularies and strengthen their basic life skills. In addition, they also learned from each other on how to shop for certain healthy foods for their families.

“Our students were actively engaging and fascinated with this new shopping experience.” Chan said. “I truly believe that was the most informative shopping experience as well as a learning progress visiting a supermarket for some of them.”