President Trump Is Invited to Attend the 7th Asian American Day

By Xinming Li,

Boston, March 30, 2017, — Mr. Ye Edward Huang, President of Asian American Association of Boston, sent a letter to President Trump on Tuesday inviting him to attend the Seventh Asian American Day event on Sept. 9, 2017 in Boston.

Group picture of volunteers and performers from The Sixth Asian American Day.

The Sixth Asian American Day celebration was held in Boston Common on Sept. 10, 2016, which is the first-ever officially recognized Asian American Day holiday by City of Boston and State of Massachusetts. The second Saturday in September was declared as Asian American Day by Boston City Council, Boston Mayor Martin Walsh, and Governor Charles Baker. has obtained a copy of the letter below. “I have hereby attached a draft Proclamation for you to review and execution in recognizing and reaffirming Asian Americans’ contribution to our nation,” wrote Mr. Huang in the letter.

DONALD J. TRUMP, President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania A venue NW
Washington, DC 20500

March 28, 2017

Mr. President,

I am writing to on behalf of Asian American Association of Boston (“AAAB”) and its directors and members, and all Asian Americans.

Asian Americans are becoming the highest-income, best-educated and fast-growing minority group in our nation with their unique cultural heritage and immigration history. The earliest known arrival of Asian American in the territories that would become the United States is Filipinos who have arrived in Morro Bay, California in 1587, initiating the first chapter of Asian Americans immigration to America. Asian Americans have settled and thrived in the United States through strong family ties, community support, and hard work. Asian Americans and their stories and experiences are deeply interwoven into our history and character.

The year of 2017 marks an important milestone in the history of Asian Americans, celebrating the 430th anniversary of Asian Americans in United States. The influence of Asian Americans are witnessed in every aspect of American life, including entrepreneurship, scientific research, medical services, performing arts, and education. Asian Americans have made significant contributions to our nation’s economy, culture, education, and military strength.

The Asian American Association of Boston organizes the annual Asian American Day celebration on the second Saturday in September of each year, bringing together hundreds of volunteers, performers, vendors, and organizations, and millions of visitors. Asian American Day is officially recognized in the City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. See Exhibit A, Proclamation of Asian American Day by Marty Walsh, Mayor of Boston, and Exhibit B, Declaration of Asian American Day by Charles D. Baker, Governor of Massachusetts and Karyn E. Polito, Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts. See also Exhibit C, Official Resolution of Asian American Day, by Michelle Wu, President of City Council of City of Boston.

I have hereby attached a draft Proclamation for you to review and execution in recognizing and reaffirming Asian Americans’ contribution to our nation. See Exhibit D,
Proclamation of Asian American Day by President of the United States of America. We are celebrating the 7th Asian American Day at Boston Common in Boston, Massachusetts on September 9, 2017. It will be a whole day event with stage performance representing a varieties of Asian culture heritage. We cordially invite you and your families, or your representative to join this historical event in Asian American history.

Yours very truly,

Ye Edward Huang, Esq.
President, AAAB


Cc: First Lady Melania Trump
Ivanka Trump