Funeral of WWII Hero Arthur Wong Held Today

May 1, 2020, — Mr. Arthur Wong of Boston Chinatown passed away on April 26, 2020 at age 96. The funeral of Mr. Wong was held today at Deware Funeral Home in Quincy, Mass.

Only eight people were allowed in the funeral home due to the COVID-19 pandemic related restrictions. Mr. Rich Wong, son of Arthur Wong, told that Arthur passed away Sunday night at his apartment in Chinatown with family members along side.

Born in Taishan, Guangdong province, China on March 5, 1924, Mr. Wong immigranted to Boston in 1938, and joined US Army in 1943.

On June 6, 1944, Arthur Wong fought his first battle on Omaha Beach, and was injured in November 1944 during the invasion to Germany by Allied Forces. Many years after he returned from WWII battlefields, Mr. Wong received 9 US military medals, includeing purple heart and bronze start.

After the war, Arthur Wong got married in Taishan, China in 1947. The couple raised five children in Brookline, Mass. Mr. Wong served as president of Search Results Web results Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of New England, president of Boston Chinese Merchants’ Association, and was a founder of Boston Que Sing Music Club.

Boston City Councilor Ed Flynn told that he paid tribute to Mr. Arthur Wong at a city council meeting this week at Boston City Hall. Representatives from Boston Vets and American Legion Boston Chinatown Post 328 waited at Forest Hills cemetery this afternoon to say farewell to their beloved WWII hero Mr. Arthur Wong.

“Thank you to Boston Vets for organizing this final farewell for our WWII hero, Arthur Wong. Also, much appreciation to other members of the community, who came out to support the event and to pay respect to one of our greatest generation. This is what the veteran community is all about.”
— American Legion Boston Chinatown Post 328

“Our Hearts and Prayers are with you. Arthur was kind, generous, giving, humble, funny, happy, story teller, smart successful business man, musician, well known and respected, also a WWII veteran and member of the Chinatown American Legion Post. So many great memories of the Que Sing Music Club on Tyler St. that he founded. (like playing music w my dad Henry Wong Oi). He always had so much love and devotion to his wife and children. A true Chinese American Hero! God Bless!”
— Betty Oi and Henry Oi Jr.

“Our sincere condolences, prayers, and love to Uncle Arthur’s family. He was a great mentor, a dear friend, and made numerous contributions to his community and beyond.”
–Peter and Laura Chan