Hamel-Lydon Chapel & Cremation Service of Massachusetts Presents Ten Recipients with the 2020 Compassionate Service Award

Quincy, Mass., Sept. 8, 2020, — Hamel-Lydon Chapel & Cremation Service of Massachusetts appreciates the special care and dedication that firsthand healthcare workers provide for their patients and families. In the spirit of compassionate service, Hamel-Lydon is proud to honor individuals by granting the Compassionate Service Award to ten dedicated and caring healthcare providers who applied for the award.

The 2020 Compassionate Service Award recipients and their respective organizations are:

Mattie Cummings of Bethany at Home in Framingham,

Nicole Daly of Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Milton,

Tammy Littleton of HopeHealth Hospice in Brockton,

Jie Qun Wu of Quincy and

Elena Connelly of Care Dimensions in Danvers,

Juana Guadalupe Martinez Flores of Care Dimensions in Danvers,

Dale Karen Lemure of Care Dimensions in Danvers,

Mildred Tamba of Care Dimensions in Danvers,

Veronica Torres of Care Dimensions in Danvers,

and Claudia Vivanco of Care Dimensions in Danvers.

Each of the ten recipients received a certificate recognizing their compassionate service and were awarded $500 by Hamel-Lydon Chapel & Cremation Service of Massachusetts. Their respective healthcare organizations were also presented with a $250 check in honor of each award winner.

Christopher P. Goulet, Sr, President of Hamel-Lydon Chapel & Cremation Service of Massachusetts states, “We are proud to honor this inaugural year’s recipients and their compassionate service and dedication with this award. It is humbling to receive the many applications and learn the reciprocal ways of how healthcare providers and their patients have made a difference and impact in the one another’s lives. This is a special group of individuals who chose to be in the healthcare field to provide the best care for their patients and clients. Thank you for being stewards of compassionate service.”

“I am incredibly proud that six of our hospice aides have been selected for this award celebrating compassionate care, because they are the true embodiment of those words,” comments Patricia Ahern, president and CEO of Care Dimensions, the largest hospice provider in Massachusetts. “Especially during COVID-19, our hospice aides have gone above and beyond to continue to provide care to patients in their homes, skilled nursing facilities, and assisted living communities. They have been on the front lines in the community, providing critical care and helping patients and families feel less alone and isolated. I am immensely proud of their dedication and compassion.”

Hamel-Lydon Chapel will be offering this award again in 2021. The application process will begin in March.

For more information regarding Hamel-Lydon Chapel’s Community Development programs, please contact Lola Tom at (617)472-5888 or e-mail [email protected].

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Care Dimensions is the largest hospice and palliative care provider to adults and children, serving more than 95 communities in Eastern Massachusetts. Care Dimensions was founded in 1978 as Hospice of the North Shore, and cares for patients wherever they live or at our two inpatient hospice facilities (the Care Dimensions Hospice House in Lincoln, and the Kaplan Family Hospice House in Danvers). Additionally, Care Dimensions Home MD program provides in-home primary care to patients over age 65 in select communities on the North Shore and Greater Boston who have difficulty leaving home. To learn more, please visit www.CareDimensions.org.