Results and Pictures from IFSM 2012 Boston Supermodel Contest Hosted by Eclipse Mass Media

By David Li, photos provided by Eclipse Mass Media

The IFSM 2012 Boston Contest hosted by Eclipse Mass Media (EMM) was successfully held at Royale Nightclub in the evening of Sunday, October 14, 2012.

The two major categories of the contest are Runway Model (for contestants 5-foot and 8-inch or taller) and Photo Model for other contestants. After four-rounds of intense competition, the winner of Runway Model: Jaeyoung Lee and winner of Photo Model: Jessica Graf stood on the runway with followers on their hands and big smiles on their faces. They thanked Eclipse Mass Media for providing such a wonderful opportunity to showcase their talents. Everyone in the audience applauded and cheered loudly.

The following is official results from IFSM 2012 Boston Contest hosted by Eclipse Mass Media.

Runway 1st place: Jaeyoung Lee
Runway 2nd place: Takiya White
Runway 3rd place: Cherry Huang

Photo 1st place: Jessica Graf
Photo 2nd place: Annette Chu
Photo 3rd place: Helen Ng

The rest of the awards went to the following contestants.
Best Popularity: Rebecca Huang
Best Temperament: Maggie Li
Best Friendship: Fanta Fofana
Best Energetic: Kai Zhang
Best Leadership: Shanele Everette
Best Figure: Irina Litviniuc

Most Improved: Christine Guan
Determination Award: Ming Lai
Fastest Learners: Tiffany Xie and Selena Li