Seven Days of Chinese New Year in Beautiful Pictures

By David Li,

When Blizzard Nemo dumped over 30 inches of snow in many parts of New England, it was only one day away from the Chinese New Year Day of 2013. From February 10 to 16, many celebrations of Chinese New Year were canceled due to poor traffic conditions caused by the heavy snowfall. However, there were a few events went ahead as scheduled. Thanks to some outstanding photographers, the images and the spirit of people celebrating the arrival of Year of Snake were captured with their DSLRs and with their tireless determination to preserve the precious memories.
Folk dance at NCLS’ Chinese New Year celebration. (photo by Wei Tang)

Acton Chinese Language School 10 Year Anniversary Celebrations on Feb. 16 (photos by Chun Sun)

Song Zuying’s Radio City Music Hall Concert on Feb. 16 (photos by Jun Chen)

Leah Li Wins 56th Miss Chinatown USA Pageant in San Fran on Feb. 16 ((photos by Xinhua/Liu Yilin)

New England Chinese Professionals’ Lunar New Year Gala on Feb. 10 (photos by Jie Yan of Boston Chinese Photographer’s Association, BCPA)
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