Pictures of Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in Early Spring

Photos by Sophia Yee, painter

Just twenty miles west of Boston lies an oasis for wildlife – Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. Roughly 85 percent of the refuge’s more than 3,800 acres is comprised of valuable freshwater wetlands stretching along 12 miles of the Concord and Sudbury Rivers.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service protects and manages Great Meadows as nesting, resting, and feeding habitat for wildlife, with special emphasis on migratory birds. The diversity of plant and animal life visible from refuge trails provides visitors with excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing and nature study.

“The sky and the reflection of the sky, with the cotton soft white clouds in the water and laced around with the cattail bushes was a beauty of late March; and left me an endless stream of day dreams that stretched afar…” wrote painter Sophia Yee after a recent trip to Great Meadows in March 2013.