George Yang’s Response to UCLA Chancellor Gene Block

By George Yang, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

(Link to Gene Block’s original letter:

“Nearly two decades have passed since Californians voted to end affirmative action in admission to public colleges and universities. Today it is clear that we have suffered for it.” It is “Clear” because you declare so.
George Yang(left) talks with Charlie Liu of Everbrite Solar Panel in Fremont, CA. (from George Yang for Lieutenant Governor).

“With each passing year, campuses all across our state — and, increasingly, as copycat laws are passed, the nation — fail to accurately reflect the growing diversity in our communities.” Please clarify what you mean by “ACCURATELY reflect”. If Mr. Block wants to truly reflect accurately the diversity in our communities, should UCLA not also admit a proportional number of identity thieves, drunks, convicted criminals, or neo-Nazis? After all, as your argument goes, the rest of student body will be better served knowing the diverse peoples out there in “our complex global environment” and how to deal with them. Maybe for starters, Mr. Block could make sure that Democrats and Republicans are fairly represented in the faculty.

“Too often, many of our students of color feel isolated, as strangers in their own house. Others feel targeted, mocked or marginalized, rather than recognized and valued.” It’s a great way to argue your point by citing feelings; that way no one can refute your argument. Better yet, you should let everybody know these students need your SPECIAL help getting into UCLA; this way, they will surely feel less mocked, marginalized, and more recognized, and valued.

“Anyone still unconvinced by the true impact of Proposition 209 need only listen to our students’ powerful first-hand accounts.” You present no facts. You have to argue using feelings and anecdotal stories. And even your anecdotal stories are suspect: if these “Our students” are already admitted to UCLA, why are they complaining about current admission policies? Maybe Mr. Block should balance your feelings by listening to those who were denied admission before Prop 209 and listen to their feelings and how their lives and careers are adversely affected. Or you just don’t care?

“While it’s important to understand that Proposition 209 is the underlying cause of many of these issues…” Again, because you say so; while let’s continue to ignore and cover up the failures in K-12 education, especially in African American and Latino neighborhoods, being held hostage by teachers’ unions, whom you are too spineless to offend.

“…a diversity REQUIREMENT would enrich all of our students’ experiences here and better prepare them to live and work in a complex global environment.” What do you mean by a diversity REQUIREMENT? Please do let us know what such a requirement would look like: A quota system, perhaps?

“We also are finalizing a job description for the new position of vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion, and we expect to announce the search by the end of next quarter.” Let me guess, Chinese Americans need not apply…

“In addition, we will soon post positions for two diversity officers who will report to the new vice chancellor and investigate any reported allegations of racial and ethnic bias or discrimination among our faculty …” Are you saying that there is an endemic problem of discrimination in UCLA under YOUR leadership? Or are you just spending other people’s money to cover your own behind? And we wonder why tuition is going through the roof…

“The offensive flyer sent to our Asian American Studies Center recently was another horrifying reminder. … And if we cannot have productive discussions about race here, on a campus with the world’s thought leaders and with students committed to knowledge and inquiry, then where can we?” Leave it to Chancellor Block to start this “productive discussion” by calling opposing arguments “offensive” and “horrifying” and then refuse to answer them.

Good Job, Mr. Block.