MIT Asian Economic Conference Attracts Business Leaders

By Jing Xia,

Cambridge, Mass., April 28, 2015, — The MIT fifth annual Asian Economic Conference was recently held the MIT Media Lab, which was organized by the MIT Sloan School of Management, Sohu, Yamah and other famous Asian corporate sponsors. Alibaba, MassMutual Holding and more than 20-well-known business executives were invited as guest speakers, with over 500 attendees.

The conference invited Alibaba’s economic department manager of the Cross Border B2C, Qin Han (Kaya Qin), Mitian venture partner Tony Tian, the Dean of the Sloan School of Management, Professor of political and international economic management Yasheng Huang, the chief executive of MassMutual Holding, Officer Wang Yi Jiang, Institute of innovative thinking, the founder of Yang and other guests. They presented solutions to the differences between China, Japan and South Korea to target the innovative capacity of their enterprises, as well as focusing on the well-known Chinese enterprises in recent years, as well as focusing on Huawei technology, but also increasing the forms of innovation developed.

In addition, guest speakers also discussed the historical relation between Japan and South Korea and other enterprises developing internationally and recommended Asian companies on how to enter the global market in industries such as hotel, transportation, and others. Yang spoke of the internationalization of Chinese enterprise, covering new trends, various forms of overseas enterprise as well as the opportunities and challenges of overseas management.

The founder of Yin Ke Education (Inkling Education), the pioneer of the online study guide service O2O, Wang Han Xiang attended the Conference. He said that the Yin Ke Education resources were committed to spreading education and creating an international network of education, experience and resources to give users the best quality education. This conference gave him opportunity to exchange ideas face-to-face with other international elites and share each other’s experiences, which would greatly improved the future of Yin Ke.

The Dean of the Sloan School of Management, David C. Schmittlein signified the MIT Business Forum annually focuses on the Asian-Pacific economy, inviting guests this year that were in the fields of science and technology, entrepreneurship, manufacturing and finance. The theme was on a blueprint for business development and to see how businesses would face the new challenges that year. He thanked the students of Si Long (Sloan) for the preparation of the conference, which involved the meeting of Eastern and Western entrepreneurs and elites to establish a platform for exchange and learning.