Peking Alumni Association Leads in Time Trials at Boston Dragon Festival

By Xinming Li,

Boston, June 13, 2015, — Boston is packed by Boston Pride paraders, Red Sox Fans and dragon boat racers of the 36th Boston Hong Kong Dragon Festival this afternoon. Peking Alumni Association finished the time trials with the best average time of 2:43.9 among the eight teams in the Alumni group.
Peking Alumni Association dragon boat team pose for a picture(file photo).

Zhejiang Alumni Association and Fudan Alumni Association finished in the second and fourth place respectively in the time trials. Last year, Fudan-Shanghai Universities Alumni Asscociation took the gold medal in Chinese University Alumni Race with time of 2:57.488. The head-to-head race will be held Sunday afternoon on the Charles River, and alumni of some of the best universities in China will once again compete for the gold medal on Charles with the thundering drum beats and loud cheers from supports on the banks.

Team Name Heat 1 Heat 2 Avg Time
Peking Alumni Association – Boston 02:46.5 02:41.2 02:43.9
Zhejiang Alumni Association 02:56.9 02:45.6 02:51.3
Peking Alumni Association 2 02:59.0 02:49.2 02:54.1
Fudan Alumni Association 02:56.6 02:53.8 02:55.2
Jiao Tong Alumni Association 02:55.9 03:05.4 03:00.7
Tsinghua Alumni Association 2:57..067 03:00.9 03:00.9
Science and Technology China Alumni Association 03:15.7 03:12.8 03:14.2
Tianjin & Nankai Alumni Association 03:47.1 02:56.0 03:21.5

Parking will be limited in both Boston and Cambridge sides of the Charles on Sunday. People are urged to use public transportation to get there. Walking direction to Boston Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival.

1. Walking from Harvard Square and the MBTA station.
2. Exit the Harvard MBTA station. You should be in front of “Out of Town News” newsstand. Across the street you’ll see the “Harvard Coop”
3. Turn left onto John F Kennedy Street (JFK St.) You should pass a Finagle a Bagel shop and “The Garage” on your left. After The Garage, turn left on Mt Auburn St.
4. Walk about 5 blocks. Turn right on DeWolfe St.
5. Walk straight about 3 blocks and you should see the Weeks Footbridge ahead of you.

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