Bay Area Forum to Discuss Discriminatory Admission Policies of Top Universities

San Jose, May 13, 2015, — You are cordially invited to a public forum on legal challenge to admission policies of prestigious universities on May 30. This forum features civil rights activist Edward Blum and attorney Will Consovoy, as well as a slate of renowned experts on equal opportunities for education, including Ward Connerly, Prof. Chenming Hu and author Yukong Zhao.

Mr. Edward Blum is the architect for Studnets for Fair Admisions v. Harvard and Fisher v. Universit of Texas. Four other ditinguished speakers will also join this forum. William Consovoy is lead litigation atterney, former clerk to Supereme Count Justice Clarence Thomas. Ward Connerly is architect of California’s Proposition 209 prohibiting racial discrimination during college admission. Author Yukong Zhao is architect of administrative complaint against Harvard University. Prof. Chenming Hu is former board memeber of 80-20 PAC, and distinguished Chair Professor Emeritus at UC Berkeley.

This forum will be held from 2:00 – 4:30 PM on Saturday, May 30, 2015 at the Gold Building (2077 Gold St., Alviso CA 95002). FREE ADMISSION, but any amount of donation to offset the travel costs of Mr. Blum and Mr. Consovoy would be appreciated.

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