Porter City Model Draws Rave Reviews at International Trade Services Expo

By Victor Chen, bostonese.com

Guanghzou, China, — The first International Trade Services Expo was held on June 2, 2019 in Guangzhou, China. This Expo is China’s first fair with the theme of international trade services. Mr. Chen Zongjian, the founder of the Porter City and the new economic expert, was invited to deliver a keynote speech as a research expert in the field of trade and the Porter City model.

In his speech, Mr. Chen The made a deep exposition on the future development direction of international trade and trade services and the development dividend of Chinese enterprises’ international trade, and was highly recognized by exhibitors. The speech by Mr. Chen received loud applause and rave reviews from attendees. Mr. Chen visited Boston in 2018, and was very impressed by the innovation-based economy in the greater Boston area.

Porter Holding International, Inc. is a Nasdaq listed (ULNV) company that focuses on developing and operating online to offline business platforms. It is developing Porter City, PT37.com, 17yugo.com, and payment platforms; and provides investment and corporate management consulting services to its clients. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, China.

Poter City has achieved fruitful results to date. The headquarters of the new economic enterprise of Porter City (Bohai Bay Area), which is highlighted by the innovation concept of the Expo, is very eye-catching, and attracted large crowds at the Expo. The Porter City project received extensive attention from the organizers and its many business associations, and signed a contract to introduce the International Trade Service Expo to Porter City, making it a permanent meeting place in Porter City.

To achieve integration and development, and to create a new global public service platform, Mr. Chen Zongjian introduced that the Porter City created a never-ending Expo with its O2O online and offline platforms for global business enterprises.

The platform aggregates various service resources necessary for the entity enterprise, and builds the shared inter-operability and centralized resource allocation. With mutual help ecosystem and diversified financial instruments, Porter City pioneered a subversive model of (entity + network) × finance. The platform will help a large number of entities, to achieve global marketing of products and services, financing and listing, to promote their desire to grow bigger and stronger, and dream of a long-lasting brands. Mr. Chen Zongjian believes that the Porter City model has been carefully built and launched in Weifang Binhai New District, Shandong Province, and has become the development direction of the new economy, new trade and new business in the future.

The Porter City project is adjacent to Weifang seaport and Weifang Comprehensive Bonded Zone. The development of the hinterland is vast, which is of great significance to the company’s freight warehousing and logistics. It is close to the economic center of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and has a wide market radiation area.

Many attendees at the Expo immediately expressed their intention to cooperate after they had a deep understanding of Porter City. Porter City will focus on the new economic formats of “One Country One Pavilion, One Province One Pavilion, One Industry One Pavilion”, and will connect thousands of enterprises and service organizations.

Team Porter City, led by Mr. Chen Zongjian, received on-site negotiations and interviews with hundreds of companies in just three days at the International Trade Services Expo. In the new economic era, Porter City uses the “finance first + platform follow-up + mode output + cultural support” solution, for China’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) seeking greater development space, capital and big data analytics. Porter City also helps manufacturing Enterprises gather innovative resources, improve core competitiveness, better participate in global competition, and support and strengthen China’s own brands.