BCPA 2020 One Photo a Week by Guozhong Li

BCPA 2020 One Photo a Week 一周一拍

Boston Chinese Photographer Association (BCPA) “2020 One Photo a Week” aims to train its members to capture the unusual moments in daily lives. 活动目的在训练观察,主要在日常平凡的生活中发现并记录下不平凡的瞬间。只有新奇才能产生震撼 !

波士顿华人摄影协会(BCPA)2020年每周一拍活动 本项活动目的在训练观察,主要在日常平凡的生活中发现并记录下不平凡的瞬间。只有新奇才能产生震撼 !

The following 15 photos over 15 weeks were shot by Mr. Guozhong Li, who was president of BCPA in 2015. Mr. Li passed away on June 3, 2020 at age 57.

Week 1:12/30, New Year Just Started 新年伊始

Week 2:1/6, Everything with new colors 万象新颜

Week 3:1/13, Not too cold yet 三九寒冬-还没来

Week 4:1/20, Owl wishes Happy Chinese New Year of Rat 中国新年-猫给鼠拜年了

Week 5:1/27, Many colors 色彩斑斓

Week 6:2/3, My goddess 我的女神

Week 7:2/10: Black holes 圆
俩个黑洞合并,产生了巨大引力波, 这引力波走了13亿光年来到了地球,被地球人类探测到了。

Week 8:2/17: handsome brother 帅哥

Week 9:2/24, Chasing light ans shadow 追光逐影

Week 10:3/2: Delicious 美味佳肴。烤全羊是不。。。

Week 11:3/9: Red 红

Week 12:3/16: You and Me 我与你

Week 13:3/23: Daily Upward 天天向上

Week 14:3/30: Outside Window 窗外

Week 15:4/6: Qingming Season 清明时节

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