Finding the Best Light, Pictures of Young Performers from China

By John Tsou, photographer

I have been taking pictures of performances of local Chinese art and music groups for years. On July 27, 2012, I found myself at Lexington Town Hall Auditorium, taking pictures of talented students performers from China. They were the Chinese Culture Land – Talented Juvenile Troupe, that toured Canada and US in July. Boston was their first stop in the US. The troupe performed spectacular Chinese folk dances and songs, martial arts, and acrobatics among others for local residents.

Kong Ying performs Peking opera.

The young performers were congratulated by Lexington town manager Carl Valente, and applauded loudly by the audience in the packed auditorium. Mr. Valente also mentioned the upcoming 300 year celebration of Lexington’s township. More details can be found at:

The key of taking good pictures of performers is finding the best angle and shooting at the right moment when the light is on the performer in focus. Please check out some pictures I took on that evening below.