Harvard US-China Economic Forum 2015 To Be Held on March 21

Cambridge, Mass., March 16, 2015, — At the 2014 Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) summit, U.S. and China acknowledged that economic relation is at the core of the U.S.-China bilateral relationship. U.S. and China are committed to pursuing policies that promote more open and market-driven international trade and investment. Two countries are working together to address global economic challenges, deepen the cooperation under the framework of the G20, and strengthen the rules-based international economic system.

Based on this theme, Harvard US-China Economic Interaction Council (HUCEIC) will host the Harvard US-China Economic Forum (HUCEF) in March 2015 to break the borders of China and US, cross the generation gap, and blend the crystals and wisdom of various fields and industries to encourage entrepreneurs to communicate, increase mutual understanding and pursue potential collaborations.

A brainstorming gala that envisions a better future for Sino-US business

The forum promotes business interactions between entrepreneurs in the U.S. and China through keynote speech, panels, and guided network sections. Speakers would mainly involve business professors and researchers, entrepreneurs, and second-generation entrepreneurs in the U.S. and China.
A resource platform that brings potential collaborations

The forum will provide a platform of potential entrepreneur partners and resources. The forum aims at helping the young people from simply networking to project seeding as an effective way to be future entrepreneurs.

A group of talents that focus on execution

The forum is about both speakers and delegates. Only those well-planned projects and proper understanding of the objective would be invited because the forum is not just another sit-back-and-relax forum; but require high participation and contribution from the delegates.

Harvard US-China Economic Interaction Council (HUCEIC) is a Harvard student organization. Its goal is to provide Harvard students with an opportunity to acquire real knowledge of international trade, finance, political economy and globalization. This will be the biggest event ever organized by HUCEIC. Top-notched experts and investors in the realms of innovation and entrepreneurship are invited to discuss popular topics in economics and business. A career fair will be held in parallel. The following is some of this year’s Speakers includes.

  • Bob Holden, Former Governor of Missouri
  • Sonia Chang-Díaz, MA State Senator
  • Evan Rachlin, Principal at Bain Capital Ventures
  • Simon Zhu, Founder of Cornerstone Financial Strategies Inc.
  • Yuankai Wen, Chinese Economist

For full speaker list registration and more information please visit http://2015hucef.strikingly.com/.