Meet Logan Data at the Bio-IT World Conference 2022

Boston, May 4, 2022, — The Bio-IT World Conference is being held at Hynex Convention Center from May 3 to 5. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Bio-IT World Conference. At the exhibition hall, Krishna Kodeboyena, president of Westford MA based Logan Data Inc., talked with about how Logan Data is helping customers in life sciences industry meet the challenge of ever growing volumes of data.

According to Mr. Kodeboyena, the amount of Healthcare data being collected and tracked in increasing dramatically. New applications need to interact with electronic patient records and are often not designed to talk to each other. Procedures may be coded differently in some applications. Privacy requirements dictate what information can be accessed and how.

Logan Data has extensive experience with clients in the healthcare industry, including payers, providers and insurance. Consultants from Logan Data have applied their business rules and adhered to privacy requirements to integrate data from multiple sources in support of patient analytics, facility performance, Human Capital management, Marketing and Reporting.

Mr. Kodeboyena mentioned that it was great to meet painters and customers at the Bio-IT World Conference. The digital transformation of the life sciences industry will bring a lot of opportunities, and Logan Data is well positioned to take advantage of them.