A1 International Makes Friends by Fencing in Latvia and Beyond

June 27, 2022, A1 International sports and cultural associations are located in Latvia, a member of the European Union, and Boston, a cultural and educational city in the USA, and the beautiful Macao SAR. It gathers friends with fencing, martial arts, painting & calligraphy, science & technology education, trade,music and film. A1 International’s programs enable the elite sports and art lovers from all over the world to interact with each other and form deep friendship.

Long Jie(3rd from left) and Latvian epee fencing team pose for a picture.

A1 international Robotics program gives students from all over the world the opportunity to visit famous museums and Ivy League universities in the United States. Some of them will take a robot training course taught by MIT professors, and participate in a robot competition in MIT. The winners will be recommended by the professors.

Mr. Long Jie is President of A1 international sports and culture Association, Epee Champion of International Cup and Head Coach of Fencing Team of Macao SAR. The fencers led by him won many championships and outstanding results in international competitions. ln recent years, he has worked closely with Mr. Alexander, head coach of Daugavpils Epee Club, and the team has achieved excellent results in the Baltic Junior Epee Competitions from 2019 to 2021.

It shows that fencing is an all-round competition sport with strong perseverance, noble temperament, elegant manners and good psychology quality.

Long Jie is not only an excellent fencing athlete and coach, but also an expert in mechanical and electrical equipment and environmental protection equipment.

Long Jie said that he has been living in Latvia for 10 years. He loves the simple folk customs and beautiful scenery here and hopes to make his contribution to sports and economic and trade cooperation in the future. His son has been studying in Latvia for several years, representing the Latvian epee fencing team and winning the second place in the Baltic Epee team competition. Long Jie hoped to expand the space of fencing and promote cultural and sports exchanges, which produced corresponding economic benefits. Long Jie and reporters exchanged happily in relaxed atmosphere.