“Election Protection” Coalition Flags Vote-by-Mail Issues In Primary Election in MA

BOSTON — Massachusetts experienced a momentous Primary Election with the inaugural roll-out of vote-by-mail (VBM) and the first extended early voting period for a Primary Election. As a result, the Bay State saw record voter turn-out and participation. However, Lawyers for Civil Rights (LCR) observed significant confusion and recorded serious concerns surrounding VBM.

UNICEF to Lead Procurement and Supply of COVID-19 Vaccines

NEW YORK/COPENHAGEN, 4 September 2020 – UNICEF is leading efforts to procure and supply COVID-19 vaccines in what could possibly be the world’s largest and fastest ever procurement and supply of vaccines, as part of the global vaccine plan of the COVID-19 Vaccine Global Access Facility (COVAX Facility) led by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

BCPA 2020 One Photo a Week by Guozhong Li

BCPA 2020 One Photo a Week 一周一拍 Boston Chinese Photographer Association (BCPA) “2020 One Photo a Week” aims to train its members to capture the unusual moments in daily lives. 活动目的在训练观察,主要在日常平凡的生活中发现并记录下不平凡的瞬间。只有新奇才能产生震撼 ! 波士顿华人摄影协会(BCPA)2020年每周一拍活动 本项活动目的在训练观察,主要在日常平凡的生活中发现并记录下不平凡的瞬间。只有新奇才能产生震撼 ! The following 15 photos over 15 weeks were shot by Mr. Guozhong Li, who was president of BCPA in 2015. […]

Governor Baker Declares Juneteenth Independence Day in Massachusetts

June 19, 2020, Boston, — Governor Charlie Baker today issued a proclamation declaring June 19, 2020 as “Juneteenth Independence Day” in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Celebrated each year on June 19th, Juneteenth commemorates the end of slavery in the United States, and is an opportunity to reflect on the need to continue working toward racial […]


作者:李蔚华,美南报业电视集团发行人 今晨我依旧在印报车间从印刷工人手中拿到今天出版的美南日报中英文版,回到办公室座位,看到电脑银幕上播放的美南电视节目,心中顿时感慨万千,泪水憯然涌出。回想到孩童时代伴随在父亲身旁,在昏暗的灯光下和他同看一份报纸,数十载岁月匆匆消失,今晨我手中紧握住这份我们一手创办的媒体,岂是命运之安排。 为站在最前线的工作伙伴鼓掌 我要非常感激这段时间新冠疫情发生以来,仍然坚守在岗位上继续努力的同事们,在前线采访的记者,在编辑台上翻译排版的编辑,守在电脑前收发版面的员工,美工台上编辑电视画面的美工同仁,电视台上现场直播的主播导播,立即上缐的美南新闻网站……

Dr. Wu Lien Teh, Plague Fighter and Father of the Chinese Public Health System

By Zhongliang Ma and Yanli Li The Chinese scholar, journalist, and philosopher, Liang Qichao said, “From late Qing Dynasty to Republic of China, about 50 years since science came into China, only Dr. Wu Lien Teh (Fig. 1) can meet and talk with foreign scientists as a real scholar.” In 1935, he also became the first […]

BCMA Youth Orchestra Calls for Donations for Coronavirus Fight

Boston, Feb. 21, 2020, — The Boston Chinese Musicians Association Youth Orchestra (BCMA Youth Orchestra), a non-profit performance arts organization, was founded in January 2019. It is an extension of the Boston Chinese Musicians Association (BCMA), (link http://bcma.us/index.html ). Both groups are dedicated to promoting the long lost sounds of traditional Chinese instruments and vocals. […]