Should Chinese Americans Support Peter Liang?

By Chun-Fai Chan (Mr. Chan was a Chinese-American former educator in Boston and is now graduate student in the Master’s of Public Administration program at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.) Dear Chinese Americans, We Need to Have a Talk About Race in America. The recent Chinese American protests in support of Officer […]

Transnationalism and 1930s British Cinema

By Na Ma, Ohio Univeristy The forms and institutions of mainstream British cinema have a hegemonic function. In fact, British Cinema is generally considered to have successfully shaped “the national life” and achieved a “high degree of consensus” (Adamthwaite 288). This significant element undoubtedly characterizes British society and contributed to the remarkable stability of British […]

Comparing Jewish Americans and Asian Americans

By S. B. Woo, President, 80-20 Educational Foundation Introduction: 80-20 Initiative, the Asian American political action committee, isdevoted to advance civil rights of Asian Americans the second half of the article) CA Assemblyman Ted Liew, speaking at our 2008 Endorsement Convention

A System Engineering Professsor’s View on The Greek Economic Crisis

By Larry Ho, Gordon McKay Professor of Systems Engineering, Emeritus, Harvard University The current problem facing Greece and the Eurozone has been dominating the news lately. The reports people sees in newspaper and broadcasts make the problem overly complex, difficult to understand and resolve. As a citizen of the US, this is my own simplified […]