BEHC Won Gold Prize at 2012 World Choral Festival

By David Li,

In the evening of December 5, 2012, the world-famous Vienna’s Golden Hall of the Musikverein Concert was packed. Boston Eastern Heritage Chorus(BEHC) performed in the closing ceremony of the World Choral Festival of Adults and Seniors. Conductor Mr. Qiao Wanjun walked up to the central station. With a gently gesture from Mr. Qiao to the piano accompaniment Guo Ling, the audience was instantly quiet, silent.

As the music of “vineyard Nocturne” slowly sounded, soft and hazy female voice brought the quiet moonlit night in front of the audience. The whole piece was sung so beautifully that the hearts of many in the audience had been dissolved!

Next song was the classic “Pastoral”. Mr. Qiao conducted leisurely, singers sang with perfect interpretation, and staggered overlap of four – part harmonies with clever tie, structured, broad tone plump. This was the pinnacle of the chorus, and the feeling of great accomplishment was in the air! Both the audience and the judges were charmed, and they applauded thunderously at end of the performance.

Four judges handed out the highest scores to the performances of BEHC. As a result, BEHC was awarded the highest award of the Choral Festival – Gold Award! Years of hard work and eventually has become immortal! The dreams of the singers have been realized in the Golden Hall! Mr. Qiao Wanjun won the Choir Festival’s best Conductor Award.

Led by president of North America Choral Association Qiao Wanjun and head of BEHC Mr. Zhou Yunshen, the Chorus included members from BEHC, North America Philharmonic Chorus, the Acton Love of Music Choir, Andover choir, Framingham century choir, Sharon Choir, Choir of the Yellow River, the choir Rhode Island Chinese choir and Connecticut China Friendship chorus group, and the Voice of Oriental Art Troupe from Atlanta, Georgia. These are people who love music, love the chorus, and yearn for the music Holy Land Vienna. They cherished this rare opportunity very much and wanted to bring the most beautiful songs to the Vienna audience.

BEHC was established in 2000 by a group of choral music activists. BEHC is now a 50-member chorus with a diverse membership drawn from gifted vocalists from all walks of life. Its mission is to showcase Chinese culture and choral arts, promote Chinese-Western cultural exchange, develop broader public knowledge and appreciation of fine Chinese and American vocal arts, all in the spirit of fun, cooperation and harmony.

Under the inspiring leadership of Music Director Qiao Wanjun, an internationally acclaimed musical artist and organizer, BEHC has performed frequently in concerts and charity activities in greater Boston area. BEHC has also attended several international festivals and competitions, including 2002’s The 6th China International Choral Festival, 2004’s The 4th Idaho International Choral Festival, 2005’s Mondial Choral de Laval – Festival international de choeurs, and 2008’s Vermont International Choral Festival. In 2006, Competing in the The 4th World Choir Games in China with 400 choirs from over 80 countries, BEHC took home a Silver award in mixed choir competition and a Bronze award in scenic folklore competition.

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