Tips for Finding Full-time Positions in Asia

By Greater China Recruiting

Thanks to everyone who participated in our GC APD WebEx session, hope you found it informative and encouraging!
Hong Kong is home to headquarters of many international companies (file photo).

Here is a recap of common questions around Insight Asia and Full-time Position recruiting process, please feel free to share with your friends and schoolmates who were not able to attend the session.

  • What combination of characteristics do you look for in an APD candidate when reviewing applications?

Generally speaking, we seek associates with outstanding records of academic or professional achievement who demonstrate capacity for continuous development.

Specifically, we look for some combination of the four following factors to be demonstrated on the application:

Problem Solving: Reasons logically, demonstrates curiosity, creativity, good business judgment, tolerance for ambiguity, and an intuitive feel for numbers.

Achieving: Sets high aspirations for self, expects and achieves outstanding results, handles obstacles well, shows signs of entrepreneurship and willingness to take personal risks.

Personal Impact: Positively influences others, shows an interest in other people, self confidence without arrogance, listens, understands and responds well to others.

Leadership: Takes on leadership roles, seizes opportunities and takes action, helps to build highly effective teams with a shared vision, and is sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of other team members.

The above is the official answer, on a personal note, we hope you to be “interesting” as all of our colleagues are in one way or another, as you are going to stay longer hours with your team members than with your wife (heartfelt sorry, our dearest SOs), we want to be surrounded by people that we enjoy spending time with, don’t we? 🙂

  • How should I write my resume? What type of format should I use? What should I highlight on my application?

We have experience reading academic CVs. As we recognize the background and growth path of APD candidates differs from that of MBA or other degrees in business major, we do value consistent academic excellency and achievements in specific field while bear in mind the differences between majors, therefore, the resume does not need to fit into a traditional single-page business resume.

That said, it’s recommended to make it as easy as possible for us to see the distinctions (test scores, GPA, publications in peer reviewed journals, fellowships, scholarships and awards).

Please refer to our website at for details about the application process for Ph.D. students, M.D. students, Medical Interns, Residents and Fellows, J.D. students, and Post-Docs. You will also be able to access our online application, information on our selection criteria and tips for applying.

  • Does the rank of office preferences I listed really matter?

Yes, you should list the offices preferences in the rank of priority and put Greater China office as 1st or 2nd if you’re inclined to explore an opportunity with us. Very often offices listed as 3rd or 4th choice may not get the chance to review your application as you’re already picked for interviews by your 1st or 2nd preferred office.

If you listed, for instance, one NA and one GC office as your 1st and 2nd choice respectively, and it turns out that both picked you for interviews, the US APD team may double check with you before the process kicks off that which side would you like to proceed with, so you have a second chance to decide.

  • Will the result of my application for Insight Asia program affect the one for full-time position later this year?

No. As Insight Asia program only has a capacity of around 40 seats offering to candidates applied for offices across Asia, regretfully we will not be able to accommodate everyone that we found qualified. But we’ll be more than happy to stay in touch and help you prepare for full-time application if your interest lasts.


  • Will my performance in Insight Asia (as participant) affect my full-time application?

No. Insight Asia is a non-evaluative training program designed to provide an insider’s look into management consulting through a 3-day case study and lectures from senior Firm members. You are there to get a sense of what we do in McKinsey and, of course, have fun!

  • Some of my schoolmates got summer internship in Greater China Office and I learnt that the return offer rate is pretty high, will you downsize full-time hiring accordingly?

No. We do not have any quota on neither summer nor full-time recruiting, the hiring decision is purely performance-based same as the return offer decision. In other words, the door is open to anyone who meets our bar.

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